10 Tips to Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

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Unlike the way people think, the most precious stones are not diamond. But the way this stone is cut & carved makes it precious. Many things are taken care of to maintain its brightness. Here are some special tips for the care of diamond jewelry, which can keep your diamond shine the same for years .

  1. Place your jewelry in a padded (padded or lining) box. If you don’t do this, it can cause scratch marks on the diamond. To keep your diamond jewellery safe for long time, keep them in separate padded box.
  2. If diamonds are also studded with opal and pearl, then do not keep it in a very dry place or dark place for a long time, because this gem may lose its shine. Don’t keep the jewelery box in on a humid surface.
  3. Always clean the jewelery with a soft toothbrush. Remove the jewelry from the cleaning solution and wipe it around the diamond with a light brush.
  4. Regular cleaning maintains the shine of the diamond. Avoid cleaning your diamond jewelleries with baking soda or toothpaste. Instead, clean them with lukewarm water using a gentle liquid soap. If you want, you can also use hand soap without harmful chemical and without moisturizer.
  5. You can keep your diamond jewelery immersed in the same amount of water and ammonia for 30 minutes, then wash it and wipe it dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth.
  6. Keep diamond jewelery away from sharp, pointed, or sharp (sharp) objects, if you place it near another sharp jewelry or in a metal box, it may have scratches on its surface and Luster can be lost.
  7. Take a diamond ornament and go for a bath. The chlorine present in water can fade its brightness.
  8. Wear diamond jewelery only after the use of perfume or hairspray, as the chemical present in it may fade its tone.
  9. Avoid wearing jewelery during exercise, because during this time sweat comes out and some jewelery especially artificial pearl jewelery can become colorless.
  10. Take your diamond jewelery twice a year to the professional jeweler for regular checkup. The jewellers can check your diamond jewellery whether they are in right condition before there is any major damage. They will repair beforehand any minor damage, which will cause you to lose your precious jewellery.

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