10 USPs of Rafale Fighter Jet that Makes it an Incredible Flying Machine

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Today is a historic day for the Indian Air Force. The Indian Army has received 5 Rafale aircraft that reached Ambala airbase today by flying from France.

At 3.10 pm Dhawar, Rafael Jet from France has landed on the Ambala Air Force. After landing of Rafael, water salute was done on it. The Defense Minister of the country, Rajnath Singh, welcomed Rafael, saying, “Birds have reached our sky.” On entering the Indian air range, the control room called the five Rafale jets all the best. The Air Chief of India has also reached the Ambala airbase. Rafael planes were welcomed by INS Calcutta as soon as they entered the Indian border. After this, two Sukhoi fighter aircraft escorted the five Rafale aircraft.

These Rafale aircraft flew from France day before yesterday and reached the UAE airbase Al Dhafra yesterday. Here their maintenance and refueling work was done before flying to India. With this aircraft joining the Indian Air Force, the morale of the Indian Army will be greatly elevated. Rafael has many characteristics, the enemy cannot escape from Rafael’s surefire target. If you talk about without pay load then the weight of Rafael is 10 tons. At the same time, if it flies with missiles, then its weight becomes up to 25 tons. Many freight airforce aircraft also do not have this much weight.

France has made a total of 10 Rafale aircraft so far for India. But just 5 Rafale aircraft have been handed over to the Indian Air Force yesterday. The other 5 Rafale aircraft have been kept in France so that Air Force pilots and crew can be trained in France. At the same time last year, 1 Rafale aircraft was assigned to India so that Indian pilots could take Rafale training in India in a more practical way.

Rafael can fly with carrying many missiles. Rafael is equipped with stealth technology. That is, it has the power to dodge the enemy’s radar. Also, it has been designed in such a way that it can also fly over the Himalayas. The point to be noted here is that the ability to fly over the Himalayas is not even in the best fighter jets.

These are the 10 USPs of Rafael:

  1. Maximum speed 2,130 km / h and 3700 km firepower
  2. Able to carry 24,500 kg and guarantee 60 hours of extra flight
  3. 150 km Beyond Visual Range Missile, Air to Ground Scalp Missile
  4. It is a two-engine fighter aircraft, which is the first choice of the Indian Air Force. Can be sent in every kind of mission.
  5. Scalp missile range of 300 km, 6 months guarantee for weapons storage
  6. Rafael to be equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, plane along with Meteor missile
  7. It can reach 60,000 ft altitude in 1 minute and equipped with 4.5 generation twin engine
  8. 75% of aircraft are always ready for operation, capable of carrying nuclear weapons
  9. Has demonstrated its strength in Afghanistan and Libya
  10. Shuffled according to Indian Air Force

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