11 Beneficial Oils that Protect You From Baldness

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Hairstyling can enhance the look of anyone, but if hair starts falling or becoming weak then they are difficult to style. There are many causes of hair loss in men and women, some due to hormonal imbalance and some other due to use of chemical based products. But to reduce these anomalies, oil helps best.

Here are the oils which helps reduce hair fall:

  1. Onion oil – Onion oil is a boon for hair. Onion oil has antibacterial properties. For this reason, it can prevent hair loss by preventing any type of infection occurring in the scalp. It contains abundant sulfur, which improves the scalp’s blood circulation and helps new hair grow.
  2. Castor oil – It contains nutrients like risenolic acid, omega-6 and fatty acid, vitamin E and minerals. This oil will not only help the hair to grow, but will also get rid of the split ends and make them thick and black.
  3. Argan oil – Many nutrients of fatty acid and vitamin E are found in this oil, which act as a moisturizer for scalp and help in fighting dandruff and dry scalp. They make the hair strong and also relieve the problem of hair splitting.
  4. Jojoba oil – This oil is used to make hair strong and beautiful. Vitamin E and B present in this make the hair shiny and thick. This oil also removes itching and dandruff in the head.
  5. Coconut Oil – This oil apart from enhancing hair also makes them healthy, soft and shiny. It can be used as a conditioner, as it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. It protects the hair from the loss of heat and also brings shine to dry and lifeless hair.
  6. Sandalwood oil – The aroma of this oil activates the ‘Small Receptor’ named OR 2 Ant 4 present in the hair roots. With this, the receptors increase the production of carotene protein capable of growing new hair, which causes hair to grow faster.
  7. Rose oil – The antiseptic properties of this oil deal with bacteria and dirt, so the cleansed follicles are powerful and hair loss is interrupted, as well as its aroma makes you calm by reducing stress.
  8. Sunflower oil – This oil contains Vitamin E, which makes the hair long, thick, dark and shiny. Vitamin E not only increases blood circulation, but hair roots also get nutrients.
  9. Javakusum oil – It is rich in vitamin C, calcium, fat, fiber and iron. Along with strengthening the hair, it also helps in their growth. Apart from this, it also prevents other hair related problems like dandruff, untimely white hair etc.
  10. Shea Butter – Adequate amounts of zinc and vitamin B are found in this, which gives relief from hair loss. It protects the hair from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as nourishes and moisturizes the dry hair and helps in eliminating split ends.
  11. Mango Butter – It acts as an effective scalp conditioner rich in fatty acids and other vitamins, which maintains moisture and reduces hair loss. It also prevents the hair from drying out and makes them thick, soft and shiny.

All these oils are very beneficial for hair. They can also be used separately. But the merits of all these are mixed in one and that too in right quantity, then you will get rid of all the problems of hair like baldness, hair loss, dandruff, split hair etc.

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