11 Tips for First Time Hair Color

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Nowadays there is a big craze of hair color and it is never out of trend. If you also want to get a color for the new look for the first time, there will be many questions arising in you mind. Like, which color will be right or which color will suit your hair or the color that doesn’t propagate hair fall. We have discussed all these questions with makeup and hair artist Poonam Chugh. On the basis of our conversation we are giving information, which will eliminate all your confusion.

11 Tips for Coloring Hair

Here are the 11 tips before you color your hair for the first time:

  1. How to choose a color

Hair coloring can be done by both teen and matured. For teenagers, color are generally used for fashion. We can change the fashion color from time to time, in which golden, ash, blown, red or any fashion color are used. For matured hair i.e. those whose hair is grey or white, they use real color. Brown, black or dark brown color is used for real color.

  1. Hair care is important

If you are doing fashion color, then make it one and a half inches above the scalp. By doing this, your hair will be safe. Hair conditioning should be done very well after coloring. Good shampoos, conditioners, hair spas and oiling are required for this. This is done because it retains the natural color of the hair and they don’t get damaged.

Even for gray coverage, covering is very necessary otherwise color chemicals can damages hair. Oiling along with conditioning is necessary to take care of the scalp. Along with coloring, special attention should also be paid to food items to take care of hair. A good diet should be taken for this. Be sure to include protein in the diet.

  1. Sun protection

Always cover your head while going in the sun, because fashion colors fly away very quickly. Like when we do red color, it comes out after a few washes. Therefore, it is very important to cover conditioning, serum and head.

  1. Avoid Frequent Grooming

Women who dye their hair for gray coverage every 15 days should not repeatedly wet the hair, because the more the hair is washed off, the more the color will come out near the root of the hair, as well as try that the hair do not sweat, because due to sweat, they also lose their color.


  1. Use good quality color

Use only the colors of good brands. They are good for hair. Do not spoil your hair in a cheap affair. It is also very important to keep the hair clean. But some percent of your hair is also gray color, so try to avoid the chemical and color the hair with natural sources like Amla, Ritha, Shikakai.

  1. Get some time

Nowadays most of the women are unable to get time out for hair care due to being busy. But if you have made up your mind to color your hair, then start taking time too, because care is very important with color. This makes the color last for a long time.

  1. Avoid Hair Color

High blood pressure patients and pregnant women should avoid hair color. If you want to color, then try not to color the hair root and get it done by sitting in the open area, where there is ventilation.

  1. Do not copy anyone

Keep in mind that if someone has done the color, then you should not copy it. Color in hair should always be done according to your hair, face and profession.

  1. Test on Nap area

Whenever you do color in hair for the first time, do not get 100% hair color done. First take some hair on the nap area and color it. You will get to know whether the color is working or if there is any side effect. Therefore, get the hair color done with hair expert only. While choosing the color, do not just look at the picture printed on the box, but also focus on its number and letters. If you want, you can take the help of expert.

  1. Avoid Bleach

Many women bleach under highlights, which is harmful to hair. Hair that has bleach is afraid of quickly becoming white. Therefore, whenever you try to highlight the hair, get it done with good color.

  1. Smart Tip

If you want that the chemical in the color does not harm your hair, then do hot oil treatment at least 3 days in advance.

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