3,000 tons of gold found in UP’s Sonbhadra, government will give contract for mining

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A large gold deposit has been unearthed in Sonbhadra in UP. There are indications of 3000 tonnes of gold reserves in the womb of the hills here. It has taken the government more than 40 years to locate a huge gold mine in the hills of the area.

The Sonbhadra district is already famous all over the country for mineral wealth, now it has come into the eye of the whole world after getting a large gold reserves here. It has taken 40 years for the team of scientists to find gold and confirm the information found in this regard.

Son Pahadi

According to government documents, gold was first discovered in Sonbhadra in the 1980s. During this time some places were marked. After this, the second discovery was made in 1990-92, during that time the possible place of gold reserves was marked. After this, the third and fourth discovery of gold reserves took place in several phases between 2005 and 2012.

After completing other important work between the year 2012 and till now, the government has started its tender process.

During the period of slavery, the British also tried to find a gold mine but they could not succeed. Due to the search for gold before independence, the name of the hill became Son Pahadi, since then, the tribals here know it as Son Pahadi.

They did not even know that three thousand tons of gold had been hidden in the womb of these hills.

The value of gold found is said to be around 12 lakh crores

Goldmine in Sonbhadra UP

This 3,350 tonnes of gold is said to be of worth 12 lakh crores crore rupees which has raised India’s hopes once again. According to the report of the World Gold Council, at present, India has a stock of about 626 tonnes of gold. At the same time, the gold found in Sonbhadra district is about five times more. It is believed that India can be included in the top three countries in the world on the reserve of gold.

Demarcation done

Senior mining officer KK Rai said that the demarcation work of all the mining sites marked on the instructions of the Uttar Pradesh government has been completed. Now, by matching the demarcation of the land map of the forest department, it will be seen whether this place is coming in the forest land. If this mine comes under the purview of forest land, then its report will be sent to the government.

After this this land will be acquired under section 20. The state government will get billions of rupees as soon as the mining starts, for which it is being said that the UP government can earn Rs 12 lakh crore from it.

Two GSI helicopters in the district

Efforts at the government level have been intensified to accelerate the excavation of the district after receiving three lakh tonnes of gold. Teams of geologists have started working on every angle before mining by camping in the district. On Thursday, two helicopters of the Geological Survey of India team are camping in the district. The team is traveling around the place marked by hanging the medal from the helicopter.

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