5 Countries Where Indian Rupee is Stronger, and Travel is Cheaper

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Everyone has a desire to roam abroad in life. But due to the low budget, not everyone can plan to hang out. But there is no need to be sad about this. You can also visit many countries of the world for less money. Yes, there are many countries in the world where the value of the Indian currency is high. In such a situation, you can easily plan to visit these countries with your friends and family on a low budget.


Japan is a country full of beautiful views and peace. The main centers of attraction here are Mount Fiji, Golden Pavilion, Hyam Ji Castle, Tokyo Tower, Todaiiji Temple, etc. If we talk about money, then 1 rupee of India is equal to 1.60 Japanese Yen. In such a situation, you can enjoy traveling to Japan on a budget.

Japan Tour

Sri Lanka

You can also go to Sri Lanka with friends and family. Its history is associated with the Ramayana period. Here you can enjoy your trip twice. 1 rupee of India is equal to 2.30 Sri Lankan rupees. Here you can enjoy your trip by walking on Nine Arch Bridge, Mintel, Gal Vihar, Udavalave National Park. Apart from this, do visit the Ravana Waterfall and Yala National Park.

Sri Lanka Tour


Hungary is an inexpensive country in Europe. The 1 rupee here is believed to be equivalent to 4.22 Hungarian forint. Hungary is influenced by Roman, Turkish, and other cultures. Here, you can see beautiful architecture. In addition, its capital Budapest is counted among the romantic cities worldwide. In such a situation, this is the best place to spend quality type with a partner.

Hungary Tour


Vietnam is famous all over the world for delicious foods and rivers, Buddhist pagoda, and gastronomy. Apart from this, it comes in the list of cheap countries. You can enjoy shopping here with a budget. Actually, 1 rupee of India is equivalent to 334.68 Vietnamese Dong. The main attraction here is the museum of war and French architecture. You can enjoy the nightlife in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. Apart from this, Halong Bay, Ha Giang, Sthal Sapa, Quang Binh, Mekong Delta, etc. are the best places to visit.

Vietnam Tour


It would also be right to plan to visit the neighboring country of India. Here you will save both time and money. Bus service will be easily available for you to go here. If you talk about Indian currency, then 1 rupee here is equal to 1.60 Nepalese rupees of Nepal. In such a situation, you can enjoy seeing beautiful hills, temples, and monasteries, etc. in the budget itself.

Nepal Tour


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