6 Facts About PM Narendra Modi Dress and Fashion Style

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Whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi lives in his house or travels around the world, his photo, etc. always come bafflingly. Mr. Modi Dress Style is the talk in every corner of the world and people are curious to know which brand he wears or uses. Here we are telling you about PM Narender Mondi Dress, from his pen to watch and every other fashion accessories brand he uses.

    • Wrist-Watch

Modi Wristwatch

The watch he wears of Mowado, which is a famous Swiss brand. Its range of watches starts from Rs 39 thousand and goes up to one lakh 90 thousand. There is also a special fact that PM Narendra Modi wears a watch, inside of the wrist because it is considered lucky to wear this way.

    • Pen

Modi Pen

He uses the Mont Blanc pen which is a brand of Germany. Mont Blanc is the name of the highest mountain peak in Europe. From Amitabh Bachchan, Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Warren Buffet, all-powerful people use this pen. The price of the pen that PM uses is one lakh thirty thousand rupees.

    • Sunglasses

Modi Sunglasses

Now let’s check out his glasses. They belong to the Bulgari, an Italian brand. Bulgari’s main job is to make jewelry but now this company has also jumped into the watches, perfume and hotel business. The cost of these glasses is 30 to 40 thousand rupees.

    • Phone

Modi Smartphone

As Mr. Modi is a tech-savvy person, obviously he would be using a powerful smartphone. It is the same phone, for which a boy in China had sold his kidney. Yes, Mr. Prime Minister uses the iPhone, variants, and colors of which keep changing. The picture you have seen of him taking a selfie is the iPhone 6s.

    • SIM

Modi Mobile SIM

Now, if you are aware of his smartphone brand, now let’s know which SIM he uses. As he won’t be just taking selfies but would also post them on social media. For this, He uses Vodafone SIM. Till a year ago, he did not have a 4g sim, this is proof of this screenshot posted from their own phone showing 3g network full and the battery is very less. Understand what it means? He uses the brand in which Pug follows wherever you go, Vodafone. Hopefully, by now he must have switched himself to 4g.

    • Clothes

Modi Clothes Designer Jade Blue

Now let’s talk about his clothes. He has a suite named after him. His clothes are stitched at Bipin and Jeetendra Chauhan Taylor’s shop. Do not be surprised to hear the shop, this is a big company called Jade Blue in Ahmedabad. This company of worth 15 million hasn’t been established so easily. Bipin Chauhan used to put buttons in a shirt outside the clothes shop. They have been continuously stitching PM Modi’s clothes since 1989 and Modi himself selects the fabric, color, and design of his suit. Modi had shared a top-secret with Bipin Chauhan that he cannot compromise on three things, eyes, voice, and clothes. There were expensive glasses for the eyes, clothes are made from the big company and he never drinks cold water to take care of the voice.

So, next time if you are watching the speech of PM Narendra Modi, being with people you can boast of these facts about his fashion.

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