7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Solo Travelling Being a Girl

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In today’s era, most women are eager to roam. Now women getaway alone on their journey. Yes, now women are no longer dependent on men. Recognizing their abilities, they themselves go on to a new journey. And with the strength of their courage and understanding, they are covering every nook and corner of the country.

Are you going solo traveling for the first time? So let us know what things you must have on your journey.

Keep the Woman Helpline Saved

If you are going out for the first time somewhere, then you should think about your safety first. In such a situation, you should save the woman helpline number 1090 on the most dial number on your mobile. After this, the police’s number and if you are traveling by train, you should keep the railway police’s number.


Keep the power bank nearby during the journey

If you are going alone for the first time, then definitely keep a power bank with you. Many times, while listening to a song or talking while traveling, when the battery of the mobile is completely exhausted, then the power bank supports a lot. Take the power bank fully charged.


Be sure to send a live location

If you are going on a journey for the first time, then your family members are bound to worry about you. Maybe she will call you in the middle and ask you for your location and you want to spend a relaxed time. In such a situation, to avoid a hundred kinds of questions, you should go to the live location option on WhatsApp and send them your 8-hour location, after which you will have to send your location after 8 hours again.


Tension-free till period date by keeping pads

If you are traveling free after the period date, then know that sometimes due to change in weather or due to change in hormones, periods can also come back, so if you keep pads with you then it is much better for you.


Protect yourself while traveling alone

It is not entirely right to rely only on the police for your safety. You also take some responsibility for your safety. If you are going to travel alone, then keep a penknife or pepper spray with you so that things can be dealt with on their own in any unpleasant situation.


Keep a packet of medicines nearby

If you are going on a trip and that too alone, then keep a packet of medicines with you. In which merge medicines such as fever, vomiting, stomach pain, headache, and diarrhea should be included in common needs.


Dehydration due to lack of water

If there is water, there is life, you must have heard this punchline from the beginning. It is foolish to walk without water because the lack of water can cause dehydration in the body.

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