8 Tips for Washing Your Clothes Better in Washing Machine

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Nowadays electronic machines have saved the hard work, but if we do not use them properly, then it can also spoil our work. Do you know how the quality of clothes can be maintained along with proper washing? If not then don’t worry. We will tell you how to wash clothes properly.

Here are the 8 tips to wash your clothes better in washing machine:

  1. Try to wash clothes separately

Separate the clothes before washing them like washing more dirty clothes separately, then separating less dirty clothes. Similarly, for woolen clothes care you need to separate them from cotton clothes. If you wash the shirts, pants, new cotton, etc. separately, then wash the sheets, towels and night suits separately. It is not appropriate to fill all the clothes together in a machine.


  1. Keep this in mind before putting clothes in the washing machine

There is also a way of putting clothes in the machine, such as put big clothes first then smaller clothes. Open the folds of the cloth. If the clothes are filled in the machine in this way, then they get entangled and then at the time the machine sponges, then the clothes can be torn or machine can stop working due to error.


  1. Keep colored clothes separate

Before adding any new cloth, check that its color is not coming out, because if there is a fabric coming out of the color, then all the clothes put in the machine will be spoiled.


  1. Read booklet before use of machine

It is written in the booklet of many machines that along with normal detergent, put half the detergent of the machine, which has to be purchased separately. But many times women think what is the need to buy it. But this thinking is not right, because the clothes are cleaner because of that detergent.


  1. Choose the right detergent for the washing machine

While choosing detergent, first decide whether to use powder or liquid detergent. Liquid detergent is relatively more expensive, but also keep in mind that if you use cold water for washing clothes, the powder will not dissolve easily in the water. Use liquid detergent to wash extremely soft clothes.


  1. Take care of the fabric

Also keep in mind the fabric when using detergent. Use soft detergent for washing silk or woolen clothes. Use very soft detergents for washing children’s clothes, because children’s skin is very sensitive. Use detergent with bleach formulas for washing white clothes, then use such detergents for washing colored clothes to give a shine to the clothes. While washing clothes in the washing machine, first of all, put detergent and then the clothes, because by putting detergent on the clothes, not only there is a possibility of the detergent sticking to the clothes, but the color of the clothes also goes away.


  1. Take care of stained clothes

Before putting clothes in the washing machine, remove the stains on them by hand. Actually, by putting the stained clothes directly in the washing machine, the marks become darker.


  1. Clean the machine even after washing

It is also important to clean the detergent box of the washing machine after washing it. Take out the remaining washing powder and clean it thoroughly. If possible, take out the entire box and clean it with an old toothbrush. Also keep the drum inside the washing machine clean so that the machine remains clean. There are many small holes in it, in which germs get deposited. It is better to run an empty machine every month. For this, use dishwasher tablets and hot water.

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