What causes lower abdominal pain during pregnancy? What to Expect?

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If a woman is pregnant and she starts having abdominal pain, then first of all, negative things start coming in her mind, is there any harm to her child. Learn when abdominal pain is common in pregnancy and when to contact a doctor.

If you have recently become pregnant, then obviously you will have tension with every little thing along with happiness. Vomiting, dizziness, nausea, body pain, having no heart to eat or drink, when such symptoms appear in themselves, then the same thing is felt whether it is normal? Does this happen to everyone? Does my child have any problem? Along with all these questions, the most fear is when the pain starts in the stomach during pregnancy. In such a situation, we are telling you that when it is normal to have abdominal pain in pregnancy, and when you should contact a doctor.

Light abdominal pain is common in the first 3 months of normal hypersensitivity, ie mild abdominal pain during 1 to 12 weeks, because during this time a lot of changes are taking place inside your body. Your uterus starts to stretch, the ligaments stretch, the morning sickness continues. It is normal to have little abdominal pain due to all this.

Increased size of uterus

During pregnancy, as your uterus begins to enlarge, it also displaces other organs in the stomach, which causes you to feel nauseous and feel as if your stomach is full or light in your stomach without eating anything. Pain also starts. This type of pain is normal.

Constipation and gas problems

Many times during pregnancy, a pregnant woman also gets constipation and gas problems. The reason for this is that during pregnancy, a hormone called progesterone starts to grow, due to which the process of the way in which the food travels is very slow. Due to this, gas starts to form in the stomach and sometimes constipation also becomes a problem.

When to go to the doctor

If you are feeling mild pain like period pain in the early days of pregnancy or if the cramps are feeling but the pain is corrected by changing the position, then there is no need to worry. But if you have severe abdominal pain, bleeding with pain, or if you are also vomiting with abdominal pain, then instead of taking any kind of risk, contact a doctor and get your examination done.

Eat Light

If you feel hungry, do not eat all the food at once. Eat little at regular intervals. If the stomach is light, then the pain in the stomach will also reduce.


A half-hour exercise throughout the day can save you from stomach ache. But that does not mean that you start lifting heavyweights. Do a balanced and light exercise so that your body remains active.

Eat fiber stuff

In food, eat such things which have more fiber. Apart from these, eat green vegetables, fruits and bran made of flour flour. This will keep the stomach clean and there will be no problem of constipation and gas.

Take rest

If you are having pain in the stomach, rest as far as possible. No need to give yourself much stress.

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