About Raveena Mehta- The Rising Best Female Singing Star

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India is a country full of rising stars where numerous artists make their to immense popularity and recognition because of their hard work and dedication. One such talented group of people are the singers who reach into every household in the country with their soulful voices and win a million hearts.

When we talk about the best female singing star in India, Raveena Mehta appears as one of the top names in today’s time. Her aura and soulful voice are winning the hearts of people all over the country. Her songs are getting millions of people to hear on apps like Spotify, while her music videos are breaking records in terms of views on Youtube. Let us know a little more about this rising star.

Let us know a little about Raveena Mehta

Raveena Mehta Singer
Singing Super Star Raveena

Raveena Mehta was born and brought up in Antwerp, Belgium. She spent 11 years of her life in that same neighborhood full of camaraderie where her life used to run by three words; Family, friends, and music. She began taking formal education in Hindustani classical music but ended her classes with the songs like The Power of Love by Celine Dion and  I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. She launched a personal band in 2018 and used it to showcase her talent through her Instagram account. Once she completed her B.A.(H) in fine arts from  Goldsmiths University London, she decided to shift to Mumbai and pursue singing and music as her career.

While she was in Mumbai in 2008, she took regular singing classes two hours a day for five days a week. She continued passion and hard work towards the talent she had led to the release of her first album named “From Deep Within” in 2010 when she was a mere 12-year-old girl.

She already has a strong resume after working with the likes of Avitesh Srivastava with whom she sang the hit song “Yaadein”. Other notable composers with whom she collaborated are Rishab Kant, Rishi Rich, and Assad Sabbir. She endeavors and dreams to work with eminent personalities like A.R. Rahman, Pritam, and Mithoon to facilitate her discovery of the intricacies of the music world.

Her recent song named “Casanova” that released with Tiger shroff featuring in it is turning out to be a chartbuster. In 2018, her collaboration with Rahul Jain turned out to be a success when she gave a female voice to his famous song “Keh Na Saku”.

The love and passion that Raveena Mehta has for her songs and music is the major driving force behind her success. She feels every song she sings and every music that comes within. If she continues in the same direction, nothing can stop her from becoming the best female singing star in India.

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