After Cesarean Delivery New Mom Must Eat These Things

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It is very important for the mother to consume a healthy diet during pregnancy as well as after the birth of the child so that the new mom can recover as soon as possible and take full care of the child. Especially if you delivered a baby by Cesarean Delivery

It is very important for a new mom to consume a healthy diet not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. This not only helps you recover quickly, but the newborn also gets the necessary nutrients from the mother because during this time the child is dependent only on the mother’s milk. So it is very important that the mother eats and drinks well and especially healthy things so that the child can get the required nutrition. But if your delivery is normal and not cesarean, then a healthy diet becomes more important for you so that any damage done to your uterus during surgery can be cured at the earliest.


Eat protein-rich food

Protein helps in forming cells in the body. With the help of protein, the growth of new tissue cells is accelerated and the body becomes healthy as soon as possible. So after cesarean delivery, women should include diet rich in protein in the diet. Such as meats, fish, dairy products, pulses, poultry and vegetables.


Eat calcium-rich things

On the other hand, calcium helps in strengthening bones, relaxes muscles and also helps in blood circulation. Also, the amount of calcium that the mother intakes, out of which 250-350 milligrams of calcium go to the child depending on the newborn’s, need every day. So skimmed milk, cheese, curd, beans, dried peas, tofu, green leafy vegetables, etc. are sources of calcium.


Diet rich in vitamins

Vitamins are also very important for the body after C section delivery. This helps in creating new tissue. Spinach, Brockley, fenugreek seeds are excellent sources of vitamin A and vitamin C and also contain dietary calcium and iron. Apart from this, new moms should also eat fruits like oranges, watermelons, strawberries and grapes, which makes their immunity strong and the risk of infection is minimal.


Include fiber in the diet

Many times, after delivery, there is a problem of constipation, so eating foods rich in fiber keeps the stomach clean and does not cause constipation. If constipation persists for a long time, there is pressure on wounds and cuts, so that wounds do not heal quickly. In such a situation, consuming raw fruits and vegetables as a salad gives the body the necessary ruffes. If you want, you can also consume oats and ragi for fiber intake.


Eat things that are easy to digest

New moms should also keep in mind that they should eat things that are easy to digest so that there is no problem of stomach gas or bloating. This is because gas often starts forming in the stomach after delivery. So keep in mind that whatever you eat is easily digested and there is no problem in digestion. You can also increase your liquid intake and fluids to overcome constipation and gas problems. If you want, you can also consume asafetida, cumin, and celery. Also, there is no problem of producing gas in the stomach.

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