Are you afraid of English? These 5 books will help you.

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This reality cannot be denied that in today’s time it has become necessary to know the English language. Some books are quite effective for learning this. Let’s know about them today.

There has been a lot of change in the world and with this, the way humans communicate with each other has also changed. In today’s environment, the importance of English has increased highly. If you are also working, then you have enough time in between the lockdown to learn and improve your English. The following five books can prove to be very supportive in improving your English. These books will also prove to be very helpful in preparing for competitive exams.

All these books can be used on the use of increasing the ability to speak in English.

The Elevate Series by Shefali Ray, Samathmika Balaji and Simran Luthra

It covers three levels — preliminary, pre-middle and middle level. These books, developed according to the International Language Framework, known as CEFR, provide a holistic development of learners. English is mastered on all skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also, the grammar is also correct and the vocabulary also increases. There are many exercises and activities in this series that make learning English easily.

Spoken English for My World by Sabina Pillai

Some people have a good grasp on reading and writing English, but few people facing bit hesitation in speaking fluent English. Speaking through this book is mastered. This book comes with audio and video companion. This book is a very good resource for those who want to speak English in daily life.

Common Errors in Everyday English by Saumya Sharma

This book not only covers the common mistakes but also includes some words which we pronounce incorrectly. It also includes the frequent grammar mistakes. This book will serve as a great guide, fact checking resource and easily usable reference tool.

Be Grammar Ready by John Eastwood

It takes into account the needs of Indian readers and according to that the updated rules of Grammar are given. The use of grammar is also well explained. Several exercises have been given for practice. More than 170 of Grammar’s topics are explained in the informative chapters.

IELTS General Training: The Definitive Guide to IELTS General Training: Preparation and Practice by Audrone Raskauskiene, Irena Ragaisiene, Ramute, Zemaitiene and Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri

This book has been specially designed keeping in mind the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It has tests on reading, writing, listening and speaking all four sections.

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