Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: How do you know if a child has ADHD?

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You must have often seen some children are excessively naughty. In fact, they behave because of a serious illness. The name of this disease is ADHD i.e. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Due to the lack of attention of the child, they are unable to control themselves. In such a situation they commit excessive mischief. Also, they do not take any interest in any other work.

According to research, about 1.6 percent to 12.2 percent of children in India suffer from this disease. It is a mental problem, in which the concentration power of children is seriously reduced. So let’s know the symptoms and ways of prevention of this disease…

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

– These children always run around here instead of sitting comfortably in one place.

– To be in a mood of fun all the time.

– Do not take studies seriously and lose focus soon.

– When meditation is not stable, the mind wanders from work again and again. In such a situation, the child leaves one work and starts focusing on another.

– Speak and say anything without meaning.

– Difficulties in remembering things.

– Repeatedly missing the goods.

– Do not complete any work correctly.

– Leave work in the middle.

– Do not understand what is in front of you and speak the words of others and speak for themselves.

– Not being able to control emotions.

– Crying, shouting, and quarreling with others meaningfully.

In fact, due to a lack of balance in the mind of the child, his nature changes. In such a situation, for this problem does not increase, parents need to take special care of some things when the child shows symptoms in time.

– First set the child’s daily routine. Also, encourage the child to follow him.

– Praise the child for doing something good. If possible, give her a gift.

– Do not put too much emphasis on him to get good numbers in studies and to do any work.

– If there is any mistake with the child, do not make the mistake of scolding him in front of everyone. He should explain everything with love and patience.

– Talk to the child’s class teacher as well. Tell them openly about this disease of the child. Also, ask the teacher to give your child a seat near the window.

– Counseling and treatment of such children is necessary. Also, do not make the mistake of leaving the treatment in the middle of the early effects.

Get the child counseling

The disease starts preying on the child at the age of 4 years. In this, you can take help from the counselor of the school. A questionnaire is given in it, which is filled by the child’s parents and teacher. In such a situation, if both of them respond to the same then it means that the child is suffering from ADHD disease. To avoid this problem, counseling the child is very beneficial.

In such a situation, the child’s feelings are well understood in counseling the child. Then he is taught things like controlling anger, talking to others, and helping them. Also, other physical activities are also performed. So that children can learn to live together with everyone by feeling happy inside.


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