Bank Interview Questions: Read Some Special Banking Interview Questions

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Banking Interview related questions

Every year clerk, PO and SO examinations are conducted for recruitment in banks. The exam usually takes place in three stages. The first two phases consist of a written test and the third phase is an interview or personality test. The interview phase is also very difficult.

An interview or personality test is an important stage in bank recruitment examinations. Selection is only complete in the bank only after clearing the interview. The interview mainly asks questions that measure the students’ ability to respond, handle difficult situations and make decisions. Also, there are some questions through which the level of information about the banking and tax system of students is ascertained. Questions are often confusing. So, if you know in advance what kind of questions occur and go with the preparation, then there are more chances of success. Let’s know today what kind of questions are asked in the bank recruitment examinations.

Have you ever given an interview before?

If any interview has been given, then give any question which was asked there?

Why didn’t you join there?

What are your hobbies?

Why did you give priority to this bank?

Other Banking Questions:

Apart from this, questions related to technical, banking / financial and current affairs are asked.

Technical or field related questions

What is your stream?

What is your favourite subject?

Some special questions related to your field

Banking / finance related questions

Questions related to banking / finance are asked from many topics. Some of the special topics of the interview panel are as follows.

(A) Questions related to RBI: Work / Governor / Headquarters etc.

(B) Questions related to monetary policy

(C) Types of bank accounts

(D) Types of cards

(F) Questions related to KYC

(G) Questions related to economic schemes

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