Benefits of Libra Birthstone

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Every birthstone has god gifted attributes that are only observed by the owners of the stones, especially that have a date of births in the defined dates of particular gemstones. For example, Libra birthstone is Opal is a stone dedicated to only those personalities that are born on the date 23 September and 22 October. Libra has a ruling star Venus that is a sign of pure love and cares whereas its zodiac element is air and zodiac symbol is a balance that shows the development of justice in the Librans but it happens slowly after owning the Libra Birthstone that is also known as October Birthstone.

Opal is well introduced precious, multi-colored birthstone, and in ancient civilizations, it was named as “Eyed Stone” has regard for its lavish and color play. Wearing this stone, your own innocence, purity, and loving and caring nature. Further, you feel calm and mental tranquility as time passes.

Opal crystal is believed for its ability to transform the positive traits in the personality of the owner by increasing his learning from the day to day experiences. These stones capture emotional energy, optimize and amplify it with the flavor of learning and experience. This stone also picks the negative emotional energy that is very teasing but with consistent healing power, the work is done with negative energy and is fixed. This stone makes you tension free by getting rid of annoying thoughts by developing self-confidence and decision power in your personality.

Libra birthstone color is variant and is discovered in common colors like white, yellow, pink, and orange. Keeping in view the color traits, Opal is classified into three main types:

  • Precious Opal – it is the best known “Rainbow Opal”, it is hardly found in the market but its brilliance is matchless due to “play of color”.
  • Common Opal – it is not rare, you can purchase it across the globe without the play of colors, and usually, it is easily available in milky luster.
  • Fire-Opal – it exists in transparent to translucent, brilliant red, yellow, and orange colors.

Meaning of Libra Birthstone

Opal has been using for centuries and people link it with diverse attributes. It is firmly confessed, that it promotes security, and mental tranquility, it is considered good for Librans to control the stress and cure the problem of depression. Wearing this stone generates a healthy state of mind with a generation of a positive array of thoughts that are very assisting in calm sleep and securing from nightmares. Most people use this stone for their children to save them from brain wandering and cure their sleeplessness problems.

Opal has earned good fame among the birthstones providing a strong protective shield to the owners against the negative energy that is the main source to stimulate negative thoughts. Pregnant women prefer to wear it for painless delivery and also transfer invisible feminine energy to the women. Finally, this stone assists the emotions in assisting eroticism, love, and burning desire.

Opal provides remedial energy for all types of infections, to make the blood clean and enhances the functionality of kidneys. It transfers potential energy to improve the outlook by curing the problems of skin, hair, eyes, and nails.

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