Best Advices for Building an Effective CV

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The step to land a job is to create an effective. When doing so, you have to keep in mind that recruiters only spend an average of 6 seconds on each CV during the screening step. This means that you resume must be attractive if you do not want it to go unnoticed. But that does not mean that you can neglect the content. Before giving you a job interview, the recruiter will fully read by paying attention to each detail to ensure that you are the best fit for the vacation. Here are some tips you can follow to create a perfect CV.

Use the Right Keywords

Nowadays, many companies use automated recruiting support software to facilitate the hiring of new candidates. This is what they call Applicant Tracking System or ATS. These computer programs sort the job applications received using algorithms to determine which are the best candidates for a specific position. The keywords contained in each CV are then scanned according to the criteria imposed by the recruiter. This is why it is crucial to put the right keywords when you create a cv, especially if you plan to post it online.

Take Care of the CV Layout

In a CV, the form matters as much as the content! Thus, carefully writing your curriculum vitae is not enough, you must also take time to finetune the layout. The goal here is to make recruiters want to immerse themselves in reading the document. If you decide to use an online CV creator, which is highly recommended, the layout will be done automatically. In any case, it is important to put spaces on your curriculum vitae, to structure it by highlighting the headings of the sections, and to choose a font that is pleasant to read.

What is the Perfect CV Length?

In order for your resume to have the best chance of being fully read by recruiters, it is essential to keep it short. Indeed, a 5-page CV is unlikely to be read entirely, or even to be read at all! The ideal is to fit your resume on a single A4 page. You can go to two pages if you have a long career behind you, but never go beyond it. Remember that your curriculum vitae should not be exhaustive but only highlight the skills and qualities that are related to the desired position! Go straight to the point if you want to impress the reader.

Write a clear and effective CV

If you want to stand out from other candidates, your CV should be clear and easy to read. Your skills, your work experience and educational backgrounds should include the essentials and should be in chronological order. In other words, your professional experience and educational achievements should start with the most recent to the old one. Furthermore, it allows you to see more clearly your own background and professional goals. Last but not the least, do not forget to keep your resume up to date and proofread your resume before sending it.

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