Best Home Remedies for Back Pain Treatment

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Back Pain: Treatments & Care

Back pain medicine: Often people believe that the reason for back pain is growing age, but it’s not right all the time. Many times, back pain can be caused due to the incorrect way of getting up, injury, eating disturbances, pregnancy or more. Back pain is felt in back muscles, pain in the muscles, and sharp pain. The problem may increase even more than sitting in one place. Try to keep on working lightly but do not stop physical activities at all. Many times, back pain also starts due to cold, so protect yourself from cold. We will tell you the remedies for back pain which will give you relief from back pain.

Who often have back pain problems?

Mostly, people suffering from 45 to 50 years of age, physical weakness, lack of vitamin D, and calcium in the body have this problem. If pain persists due to young age or due to any internal problem of the body, then contact with doctor and check its cause.

Back Pain Reasons

The waist is a complex structure of muscles, discs, nerves, and bones. Problems with any of these components cause backache. Many times it becomes difficult to detect due to lower back pain. There can be a number of common and serious reasons as well.

  1. Spinal Tumor
  2. Kidney Infection
  3. Lifting heavy goods
  4. Overwork
  5. Increases Weight
  6. Wearing high heel sandals
  7. Sudden jerk, etc.

Why do you have severe back pain after pregnancy?

Women often complain of backache after giving birth. The size of the uterus increases during pregnancy. This causes muscle strain, causes the stretch, and pain after delivery. Which causes back pain? Apart from this, changes and weakness in hormones can also be the reason for this. Women’s back pain can be treated by adopting home remedies.

Woman, Pregnant, Backpain
Pregnancy Back-pain


  1. In order to meet the deficiency of calcium in the body, eat dairy products and foods rich in calcium. Drink 2 glasses of milk daily. Apart from this, osteoporosis is the biggest cause of back pain. To overcome bone weakness, sit in the sun every morning for 25 to 30 minutes

  1. Garlic is included in home remedies for back pain. The antiseptic properties of garlic are extremely beneficial in reducing pain. Finely chop 400 grams of garlic in a jar and put 1 liter of raw sunflower oil in it and close the pot well. Make sure that there is no sunlight on this jar and keep stirring it continuously for 15 days. After that, remove this oil by filtering and massaging this oil daily in the morning and evening for 60 days, cures backache.

  2. If there is a constant tension in the waist, then take a bath by adding rock salt in lukewarm water. This will provide great comfort.

  3. Fry celery lightly on a griddle, then chew it and eat it. Also, back pain is gradually cured.

  4. If you are suffering from back pain due to cold, then chew one dry fig, one dry apricot, and five dried plums before sleeping at night. With this remedy, the back pain will be cured in a few days.

  5. To get relief from backache, mix one gram of cinnamon powder in one teaspoon of honey and eat it twice a day in the morning and evening. This will provide great comfort.

  6. Exercises to strengthen the lower back can help alleviate and prevent lower back pain.


If you are constantly complaining of back pain, do not ignore it at all. It can also be a sign of some serious illness. Do a medical check-up once.

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