Big Shock to Baba Ramdev, Ban on Patanjali’s Coronil Medicine

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Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali Ayurved has claimed to make the corona virus medicine. The name of this herbal medicine is coronil. And it has been claimed to be made from herbs. Baba Ramdev claims that the drug was tried on 280 people. However, until now there has been no independent confirmation about the effect of this medicine.

On the other hand, the Center has banned the promotion of the drug, Coronil, of Patanjali, a company of Baba Ramdev, launched with the claim to fix Corona. The government has first decided to investigate the claims being made for this drug. The Ministry of AYUSH has warned Patanjali that if the drug is publicized with the claim of treatment of corona without solid scientific evidence, it would be considered a cognizable offense under the Drug and Remedies (Offensive Advertising) Act.

As soon as Baba Ramdev launched the medicine on Tuesday with the claim of completely curing the corona in seven days, the AYUSH ministry came into action. After this, the Ministry of AYUSH immediately asked Patanjali to stop advertisements promoting the drug. The ministry made it clear that if the drug advertisement continues after that, legal action will be taken against it. A senior AYUSH ministry official said that Patanjali has not given any information about the development and trial of any such drug to the ministry. He said that with the permission of the ministry, many Ayurvedic medicines are being tried in the treatment of corona, but they do not include the medicine of Patanjali.

The licensing officer of Uttarakhand Ayurveda Department says that we issued a license on Patanjali’s application. There was no mention of corona virus anywhere in this application. It was said that we are taking a license to increase immunity, make phlegm and fever medicines. A notice has been sent to Patanjali from the department.

Earlier, the Rajasthan government has called Baba Ramdev’s claim of finding corona drug Coronil a fraud. Health Minister Raghu Sharma of Rajasthan Government says that during the time of pandemic, Baba Ramdev has tried to sell Corona medicines in this way, which is not a good ethics.

Health Minister Raghu Sharma said that according to the gazette notification of the Ministry of AYUSH, Baba Ramdev should have taken permission from ICMR and Government of Rajasthan for the trial of any Corona Ayurveda medicine. But claimed the trial was conducted without permission and without any criteria, which is wrong.

At the same time, Union Minister of AYUSH Shripad Naik said in a special conversation that Baba Ramdev should not have announced his medicine in the media without getting permission from any ministry. We have sought answers from him and sent the entire matter to the task force. Baba Ramdev has given answers to the questions asked to him.

Patanjali, who claims to have made Corona’s drug ‘Coronil’, is having difficulties. The Rajasthan government has talked about registering a case against Baba Ramdev, so now the Uttarakhand government is also preparing to send a notice to Patanjali. Uttarakhand Ayurveda Department will issue a notice to ask where did the permission to launch medicine came from.

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