Breech Babies: What Should You Do if Your Baby is in Breech Position?

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During pregnancy, there are many changes in the position of the baby in the uterus, including one of the baby’s movements in the womb. Let us know what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of the baby moving around in the womb or vice versa.

Pregnancy is a very difficult and important time. During this time, many kinds of problems are likely to occur, including one in which the baby is in Breech position in womb. About 3 to 4 percent of women experience this situation in pregnancy.

In this case, inside the uterus, the head of the baby is turned upwards and the legs are down towards the birth canal. In normal pregnancy, the baby’s head automatically turns down before delivery. This condition is considered most appropriate for normal delivery. At the same time, when the head of the baby comes up and the feet are down, this condition is called ‘breech birth’.

Types of baby Breech Position in the womb

There are three types of breech pregnancy – Frank, Complete and Footing Breach. Frank’s middle moves the baby’s head and legs upwards while the axes face down. At the same time, in the complete breech, the baby’s feet and axes lie down and both knees are bent. The infant crosses in the footling breech.

Causes of child Breech Position in Womb

Doctors have not been able to find the exact cause of breech pregnancy, but according to the American Pregnancy Association, multiple pregnancy, twin babies, and first pregnancy have delivery before 9 months. Apart from this, it can also happen in the condition of more or less amniotic fluid in the uterus, abnormal size of the uterus, or uterus in the uterus and placenta privia.

What to do if baby is in breech position in womb?

If the baby is turned in breech position in womb, in this case the delivery has to be done by the operation itself. It is not easy to deliver normally. In ancient times, the midwife used to give safe delivery without any operation even after the child was in Breech position. However, normal delivery can be done with full planning under the supervision of a trained gynecologist.

What to do when Baby is in breech position in last stage of pregnancy?

If the child is turned in breech position during pregnancy, the child’s condition can be corrected. Now how successful this effort will be depends on what is causing the breech pregnancy. If you do not want to have the C section Delivery, then please consult the doctor once and in this case it is not right to insist on any kind.

However, some mothers have claimed that by massaging the abdomen with essential oil such as mint oil, the baby itself can move around in the womb and get into the right position. A pregnant woman must consult a doctor before using essential oil as not all essential oils are safe in pregnancy.

Apart from this, certain exercises and positions in breech pregnancy also help in getting the child in the right position. It can also benefit from using stairs instead of lift.

Consult your doctor before doing anything during your pregnancy period

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