C-section or Cesarean Delivery Myths: What you need to know?

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These days even though the number of C-section delivery has increased, there are still many misconceptions about it in the minds of people. Many people consider it the right to have a child from the operation. In such a situation, we are telling you about the myths related to the C-section which has no truth.

These 7 things related to C-section (Cesarean) delivery are lies; know their Cesarean delivery, which is also called colloquially in a C-section or an operation, has become quite popular these days. According to WHO data, about 17 to 18 percent of delivery C-section deliveries happen in India every year. Earlier, doctors used to do C-section only when there was some kind of complication or health-related problem, now healthy women are also choosing C-section to avoid the pain during normal and natural delivery. Despite this, many people still do not consider Cesarean delivery right and there is a lot of confusion in their mind about it. Today we are telling you about those 7 things related to C-section which have nothing to do with the truth.

  1. Myth: There is absolutely no pain in C-section delivery.

Reality: The biggest myth related to Cesarean or C-section delivery is that there is no pain during this time. You get a normal delivery or a C-section, it hurts to give birth to a child. According to doctors, since you are given anesthesia during the operation, you may not feel pain during that time, but once the effect of anesthesia is over, then you feel pain, discomfort and uneasiness which is about 10-15 days. Stays till.


  1. Myth: C-section delivery is not delivery

Reality: Gynecologist says that many people have the illusion that since the baby is born due to operation in C-section; the delivery of the woman was not done at all. But this is completely wrong because when the child came out of the woman’s body, the woman was delivered. It does not matter whether the delivery took place in a normal way through the vagina or through an operation by cutting into the uterus.


  1. Myth: C-section delivery is not safe

Reality: There is no doubt that a C-section or Cesarean delivery is a major surgery in which the baby is taken out of the uterus after an abdominal operation. These days there are so many cases of C-section that even doctors take full care during this time and it is completely safe. In many cases of delivery, C-section becomes very important and it works to save the life of both mother and child. If doctors tell you about all the risks associated with it, then C-section delivery is considered safe.


  1. Myth: Breastfeeding is a problem after C-section

Reality: How your delivery has been done, normal, or operation does not have any effect on your ability to get breastfeeding done. These days, in most hospitals, epidural anesthesia is given instead of general anesthesia for C-section delivery. So after a C-section, you can breastfeed your baby just like normal delivery women.


  1. Myth: Once a C-section is done, there can never be a normal delivery possible again.

Reality: Usually women have this fear that once their cesarean delivery is done, then the second delivery will be their C-section. But this is also not completely true. The decision of whether to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean depends on many factors. For example, how many stitches were used during C-section, how many times C-section has been done, whether there is any kind of medical condition etc. But this is not impossible. Normal delivery may also occur after a C-section.


  1. Myth: C-section affects mother and child health

Reality: Mother’s recovery is quicker after normal delivery but since major surgery and stitches are done in C-section, recovery takes a little longer. But due to cesarean delivery, there is no effect on the health of the mother or child. However, if the new mother does not take full care of her recovery after a C-section, she may have some health problems later.


  1. Myth: Bonding of mother and child is a bit difficult in C-section

Reality: Most people feel that since the woman has not given birth to a child in a natural way and the delivery has taken place from the operation, the bonding between mother and child cannot be developed. But this is not true. Even after a c-section, the mother’s bonding with the child is as strong as in normal delivery.

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