Can Cervical Cancer be Prevented? Why are women becoming victims of Cervical Cancer?

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Cancer is a deadly disease that takes a person to the door of death. Especially among Indian women. Cervical, breast, uterus, colorectal, ovary cancer are commonly found in Indian women. Cervical cancer starts from the cervix and spreads to the liver, bladder, vagina, lungs, and kidneys. According to statistics, it is the second leading cause of death in 50% of women after breast cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

The cervix is ​​​​covered by a surface on which cancer cells start growing abnormally. The disease is mostly caused by the human papilloma virus. According to a survey, every 8 minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer in India, the biggest reason for which is lack of awareness while it can be completely cured.

Which women are at greater risk?

Women at the age of 30–45 have the highest risk of cervical cancer.

. Excessive consumption of birth control pills

. Alcohol and cigarette smoking

. Due to hpv infection

. Human papilloma virus

. Being a mother at a young age

. Getting pregnant again and again

. And women are vulnerable to this disease due to unprotected sex.

Symptoms of cervical cancer

– irregular periods

– abnormal bleeding

– White discharge

– Frequent urination

– Pain or swelling in the lower abdomen and pelvis

– fever, tiredness

– Loss of appetite

– Light Pink Discharge from Vagina

Most important checkup to avoid cervical cancer

Regular checkup is the most important thing to avoid cervical cancer. Women should have a Pap smear test once a year in 2 or 3 years so that this disease can be detected in time. Also, be sure to inject HPV.

Preventing Cervical Cancer

Unprotected sex

Avoid having unprotected physical relations and do not have a relationship with more than one partner.

stay away from Smoking and Alcohol.

Keep as much distance as possible from intoxicating items such as smoking, alcohol. These contain nicotine, which accumulates in the cervix and promotes cancer cells.

Have a healthy diet.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fiber foods, whole grains, yogurt, dry fruits, beans etc. in your diet. Also keep a distance from junk foods and external things.

Yoga and exercise

Do 30 minutes of exercise and yoga daily. Apart from this, do more and more physical activity and walk for 10 minutes even after meals.

Obesity control

The most important thing is to keep your obesity under control because it is not only cancer but the root of many diseases.


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