Causes Of Depression In Children

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It is not that depression affects adults only. Children can also be vulnerable to many reasons. Here are some of the causes and signs of depression in children.

A child being unhappy does not mean that he is in depression but if the child is constantly or repeatedly depressed or he is hesitant to talk to people, work at school or talk to family members, then Depression may occur.

Depression is a serious illness but treatment is also available. If you still felt that there could be no depression in children, just consider the things mentioned here.

Signs and symptoms of depression in children

  • Feeling irritable or angry, constantly feeling sad or frustrated
  • Stop talking to people
  • Fear of being rejected, loss of appetite or increased appetite
  • Excessive or poor sleep
  • Feel like crying
  • Feeling tired and low energy
  • Having a stomachache or headache
  • Don’t feel like doing anything
  • Feeling a guilt in mind
  • Thoughts of suicide or death

Why do children have depression?

Depression can occur when many children are bullied too much by other children in school. When a child is bullied in school, his / her self-esteem decreases and he/she is in a state of depression due to being in constant stress. At the same time, the child can reach this situation due to repeated pressure. Now it can be of pressure studies and also of anything else.

History of depression in the family

Children in which a member of the family has had depression have a higher risk of depression than the rest of the children. At the same time, it is not necessary that children who do not have a family history of depression, can never have depression. If you feel that your child is at risk of depression, then pay close attention to his work, feelings and behaviour.

Lifestyle changes

Like adults, children are not able to accept such quick changes. Moving to a new home or school, watching parents’ divorce, or the separation of siblings or grandparents all have a negative impact on the child’s mind. If you feel that your child is being affected due to these things, then talk to him about this as soon as possible. If there is a change in the behaviour of the child after an accident, then you should immediately identify the depression and start treatment.

Chemical imbalance

In some children depression occurs due to imbalance of chemicals inside the body. This imbalance can occur due to hormonal changes and development, but it can also be due to insufficient nutrition or reduced physical activity. Have regular checkups to check if the child is developing properly.

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