Sex During Pregnancy:Comfortable Pregnancy Sex Positions for Every Month

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Sex in pregnancy is not considered wrong, but some positions are not considered safe during this period. Here you can know which position is safe every month during pregnancy.

There are many types of questions in the mind of couples regarding pregnancy, the most important is what is the right position to do sex in pregnancy. Missionary positions are usually adopted for sex but are not considered more secure in pregnancy.

Apart from the missionary position, there are many sex positions which can prove to be safe in pregnancy and can also enjoy orgasm. Through this article, we are telling you about safe sex position according to every quarter of pregnancy.

Sex from behind

In this position, there is not much pressure on the stomach and there is more comfortable position for the male partner. This position will be right for sex in the first quarter of pregnancy and the beginning of the second semester. Baby bump increases at the end of second trimester of pregnancy, so sex in this position should be avoided during this period.

Female partner to be on top

Science also considers this sex position in pregnancy. A Taiwanese study has found that sex in this position gives pregnant women greater sexual satisfaction. In this position, the woman should live according to her comfort.

These positions remain true in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. This helps in achieving sexual satisfaction in a short time. However, this position should be avoided in the third trimester of pregnancy because at this time more pressure is felt around the vagina due to the weight of the baby. Sex at this time can cause cervical problems or bleeding.

Reverse cowgirl

There are very few sex positions that are safe in the third quarter of pregnancy. The reverse cowgirl sex position remains true in the last three months of pregnancy. Apart from this, you can enjoy sex in this position every month of pregnancy. It reduces the pressure on the stomach.

Floating pregnant position

You can enjoy sexual intercourse in this position in the third trimester of pregnancy. You can also try it in the bathtub. You can adopt this position every month of pregnancy. However, in the third semester, libido becomes less sensitive and pregnant women become more sensitive, then the position gives more pleasure.

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