Coronavirus: Right Way to Use Sanitizer, Carelessness Causes Fire

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Chemicals are used in making sanitizers. Almost all the chemicals used in it are flammable. As soon as a small spark is found or it becomes very hot, they immediately catch fire. Due to this, they should be used carefully in the summer season.

The demand for hand sanitizers in the market suddenly increased after the Coronavirus outbreak. During this period, there was also a lack of it in the market. It is not that people did not use hand sanitizers earlier, it was also used earlier, but now the use is increasing, the dangers are also increasing.

A little carelessness can bring the threat of giant virus in our world, it will be difficult to deal with

Effective sanitizer quality

-According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an effective sanitizer is 60% alcohol, if you take into account the corona case. You probably know that alcohol also acts as a flammable substance.

– Such sanitizers have also been used till now, which are alcohol-free. But in many different studies, only alcohol-based sanitizers have proved effective on coronavirus. For this reason, doctors are also recommending using these sanitizers. Also instructed to take precautions.

Keep these things in mind

-When using sanitizer, make sure that it does not fall on your clothes. If you fall for any reason, you change clothes immediately.

Do not keep sanitizer in the kitchen

– Do not keep the sanitizer accidentally in the kitchen or in any place where electric switch, lamp or other flammable material is kept.

– If there are very small children in the house, keep the sanitizer out of their reach. Young children are not aware of its side effects. They can put it in the mouth or drop it in the eye and harm themselves.

Use of sanitizer in the car

-It is not a bad thing to use a sanitizer in a car … but you need to be more careful in the summer season. Make sure that the sanitizer inside the vehicle is away from the heat caused by the engine.

– The months of May and June are very hot. Due to this, vehicles parked in the sun often catch fire due to some minor faults or any carelessness. So park the car in the shade. If this is not possible, keep the sanitizer with you while leaving the car.

-While smoking, check that there is no sanitizer bottle near you. Otherwise, slight negligence in the summer season can cause a big fire.

The right way to use sanitizer

-Sanitizer should be used only when your hands are completely dry. Take 2 to 3 drops of sanitizer on the palm and rub it well on the hands.

-Use the space between the fingers and around the nails. Because germs are stuck on their hands in this place.

-Do not wipe your hands with a cloth until the sanitizer is dry. Also, avoid eating anything by hand and applying hands to eyes.

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