Covishield Vaccine : Know these Important things Before Getting Vaccinated

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India is gearing up to eliminate the corona virus. The vaccination campaign will start in the country from 16 January, in which people will be given ‘Covishield’ and ‘Covaxin’. You have to know the answers to some important questions, so that you do not have to face any problem later. Recently the Serum Institute has released a fact sheet, which answers many questions related to the vaccine. Let us tell you some important things related to the vaccine.

What should be told to the doctor before taking Covishield Vaccine?

Be sure to tell your doctor about your health condition before taking the Kovid-19 vaccine. This is because people who are already suffering from any disease can also have its side-effect. This should include these things.

  • Have a severe allergy to a drug, foods, a vaccine or a substance involved in a Covishield Vaccine.
  • Tell a doctor even if you take a feverish, weak immunity or immunity enhancer drug
  • Have blood disorders or are taking blood thinners
  • If you are pregnant, breast feeding or planning pregnancy
  • Have already taken another corona vaccine


Which people should take the Covishield Vaccine?

Covishield vaccines are only for people 18 years of age or older. However, a gap of at least 14 days can be taken between Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines if needed.

. Women with allergies, pregnancy and breast-feeding or those suffering from any disease will not be given the vaccine.

. Teenage children will also not be given vaccine because the effect study on them is still going on, so they will have to wait a bit.

. Apart from this, corona patients will also not be vaccinated until they are completely cured.


What are the ingredients included in the Covishield Vaccine?

Explain that materials such as magnesium chloride hexa hydrate, polysorbate 80, ethanol, L-histidine, sodium chloride, L-histidine hydrochloride mono hydrate, sucrose, diasodium edetate dihydrate (EDTA) and water for injection were used to make Covishield Vaccine.


How is the Covishield Vaccine given?

Two 2 vaccines of 0.5 mL will be given in the course of the Covishield Vaccine. A second dose will be given between 4 and 6 weeks after the first dose. If you forget to take another vaccine, contact your doctor. It is very important that you take both doses of the vaccine.


Pregnant and breastfed women should not get Covishield Vaccine?

The government has issued a guideline for the vaccination campaign, which clearly states that pregnant or breast-feeding women should not get vaccinated.


What are the risks related to Covisheild vaccines?

. Lump formation, pressing on the injection site may cause pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or sores.

. This may result in feeling bad, tired, weak, shivering or fever.

. There may also be a headache, nausea, joint pain or muscle ache after taking the vaccine.

. According to the researchers, people who already have a migraine problem may face problems after the vaccine.


If you have severe allergies after taking the injection, go to the nearest hospital without delay.

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