Do Not Eat These Things During Periods

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Many women must face unbearable pain, weakness, etc. during periods. Basically, the body needs nutrients during this time. In such a situation, this problem increases when the diet is taken care of. Let us tell you today about some such things which should be avoided during periods.

– Avoid caffeine

According to experts, excessive consumption of caffeine should be avoided during this time. Consumption of this can lead to stomach aches, gas, acidity, etc. Instead, you can consume herbal and organic tea 1-2 times a day. This helps in increasing immunity along with removing stomach pain and other related problems.

– Stay away from alcohol

Avoid using alcohol or any intoxicant during periods. Otherwise, there may be a problem of bloating in the lower part of the stomach.

– Don’t eat chocolate

By the way, it is advised to eat chocolate to avoid the problem of stomach pain during periods. This helps in getting relief from the problem of stomach ache as well as in getting the mood right. But it also contains caffeine. In such a situation, consuming it in excess can cause muscle contraction. Due to this, stomach pain and other problems may have to be faced. So, avoid eating it more than 1-2 pieces. 

-Avoid eating salty and pickles

Avoid eating salty and sour things in excess during periods. They contain a high amount of sodium. Due to this, consuming them can cause problems like stomach pain, gas, acidity, etc. In such a situation, during this time one should avoid consuming salty, banana, orange, seasonal, lemon, etc. Apart from this, lukewarm or freshwater should be consumed instead of cold at this time. This gives relief from stomach pain. In its place, you can eat dry fruits, fruits, etc. if you feel hungry.

-Do not eat junk food or packet food

Weakness, fatigue, and pain are felt in the body during periods. Therefore, the body needs nutrients at on that time. In such a situation, eating junk, oily and packaged food should be avoided during this time. All these things being unhealthy makes your problem worse. In such a situation, eat those things which are digested quickly.

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