Do Pest Control with These Household Things to Avoid Diseases

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In the midst of the havoc of Corona, repeated emphasis is being placed on keeping the house clean. In such a situation, due to lockdown, you cannot go outside and bring the things of pest control. So we will tell you how you can drive away the cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, insects, moths, lizards coming into the house from the things of the house as well as keep the house hygienic.

Here are the household tips with which you can do pest control:

Mosquito repellent tips

Mix mustard oil with parsley powder and soak pieces of cloth in it and keep it at a height in the room. Mosquitoes will not even come near. After the liquid runs out in the mosquito repellent refill, fill it with lemon juice and eucalyptus oil. It can also be applied on hands and feet. Mosquitoes also run away by spraying the juice of mint leaves. It can also be applied on the body.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Wherever you see cockroaches, put cloves in there. Cockroaches will run away from its smell. Cockroaches also run away by keeping slices of cucumbers. Crush the bay leaves and place them in the corners of the room. Cockroaches will never be seen around. Cockroaches also run away from the smell of garlic. Where cockroaches are more visible, place garlic. Mix borax and sugar in 3: 1 ratio. Sprinkle this mixture at home overnight. Repeat this process a few days later. All cockroaches will die this way.

Boric acid

Take a packet of 100 grams of boric acid. Mix it with some wheat flour. Afterwards mix 2 teaspoons of sugar thoroughly. Make a long dough and put it under the sink, near the crevices and drains, wherever you see cockroaches and ants are hiding. There is no side effect of this. They die after eating. You can adopt this formula even if you have a small child, asthma patient or pregnant woman at home.

Take care of these things

Forged all the drainage places. Do not let fruit-vegetable peels stay in the house for long. Take the necessary steps before the number of cockroaches increases. There are more insects in the bathrooms. Spray kerosene there. Use ‘Rat Glue Board’ or cage to avoid swings. Spray kerosene in the surrounding frozen water to avoid flies. Do not keep the frozen water under the pots for more than 1 week. Use drum water only for 2-3 days or remove it.

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