Do you know? Not only laughing; Crying is also beneficial for health

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When we are sad, hurt by something, this is some kind of stress, we often start crying and our tears start flowing. Often you must have heard people saying that we should not cry, crying is a sign of weakness. But it is not at all because crying also has many benefits.

Not only laughing, crying is also beneficial for health, know how here people feel that crying is a sign of weakness and maybe that is why men avoid shedding tears and crying even when they are suffering. But if we believe in science, there are many benefits of crying. Just as laughter is beneficial for health, in the same way crying bitterly is also very important. Crying also benefits your health as much as laughing. But why do you and we cry? What is the reason behind crying and tearing? Learn here what the benefits of crying are.

Beneficial for both body and mind

Crying is a normal human action that is triggered by our different emotions. When we are sad, depressed, in tension or stress over something, then these different emotions because crying. Researchers believe that crying is beneficial for your body as well as your mind.

Toxins come out through tears

According to a study, the way the toxins come out of the body when sweat and urin are released from the body, similarly the eyes get cleansed even when tears come. Let me tell you that there are 3 types of tears.

– Reflex or involuntary tear is produced when any waste, dust mites or smoke goes on in the eyes.

– Basal or basic tear, which contains 98 percent water, keeps the eyes lubricated and prevents infection.

– An emotional tear that has the highest amount of stress hormones and toxins and it is dangerous to flow.

Crying helps to calm

Crying is the best way to comfort and calm yourself. According to researchers associated with a study conducted in 2014, crying stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) in our body and it is due to this PNS that helps the body to relax and digest. You will not see the benefits of crying immediately. But if you shed tears for some time, you will see the benefits of crying in yourself.

 Crying hurts less

Long-term crying releases chemicals such as oxytocin and endorphins. These feel good chemicals which help in reducing both physical and emotional pain. Once these chemicals are released, it seems as if the body reaches a state of numbness. Oxytocin makes us feel relieved and for that reason our mind becomes calm after weeping.

Relax Mood

Along with relieving pain, crying also improves your mood and makes you feel better. When you cry or take sobs, some gusts of cold air go inside the body, which lowers the brain temperature and regulates the body temperature as well. When your brain cools down, your mood also improves.

Crying reduces stress

As we have already told you, when you cry for some emotional reason, your tears have the highest amount of stress hormones and other chemicals. In such a situation, the amount of these chemicals in the body is reduced because these chemicals flow from the eyes through tears, which reduces your stress.

Eyesight remains very well

Tears do not allow the membrane to dry in the eyes. Due to its drying, there is a difference in the light of the eyes, due to which people begin to see less. If the membrane remains correct, the eyesight remains fine for a long time.

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