Don’t do these Mistakes Your Smartphones can explode like a bomb!

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In the past, there have been many cases of fire or explosions in the phone. Due to this an American flight had to be evacuated. In most cases, companies have blamed the user for this. So, know after all what mistakes we are doing intentionally or unintentionally…

Recently, a flight in the US had to be evacuated after a smartphone caught fire. Although the chances of a smartphone catching fire are very less, it also depends on how we use our device. With most smartphones having powerful batteries of around 4500mAh and above with fast charging capabilities, it is highly recommended to use your phone carefully. Irrespective of the brand of smartphone you are using, we have come across incidents where the battery of a new phone has exploded without any warning. In most cases, smartphone brands have claimed it to be the fault of the users.

Today we are telling you about 10 such mistakes, which people often do knowingly or unknowingly and put themselves in danger. Please read them carefully and avoid accidents…

  1. Using Your Phone Even If It’s Damaged

Whenever you drop the phone and any serious damage occurs, stop using it immediately and have the device checked at a service center. This is because a broken display or body frame may allow water or sweat to enter the device, or the battery may no longer be usable. Using a damaged phone is risky.

  1. Using a Fake or Duplicate Charger

Be very careful when using fast charging adapters. Always use the one that came with your smartphone. Using a charger with a higher power rating can strain your phone’s battery. Also do not use a duplicate charger.

  1. Using a Third-Party or Fake Battery

Never use third-party or fake batteries. Using such batteries can cause serious safety issues. Bad lithium-ion batteries can overheat, catch fire, and explode.

  1. Using your smartphone, even when it’s getting hot

If you notice that your device is heating up unusually, put it aside, unplug from charging, and stay away from it.

  1. Charging the phone with a car charging adapter on the go instead of a power bank

It is safer to use a power bank to charge your phone while driving than to use a car charging adapter. This is because, in India, car owners get the accessories installed from third-party vendors and the integrity of the wiring can be compromised. This can lead to a sudden surge in power which can cause your phone to explode.

  1. Overcharging Your Phone

Do not leave your phone to charge overnight and it is not always necessary to charge your phone to 100%. It is a good habit to stop charging the battery after 90% as it prolongs the life of the battery. Remember overcharging the phone can extend the battery and can be risky.

  1. Charge your smartphone while in direct sunlight

Make sure that your phone is not subjected to unnecessary heat while charging. Therefore, keep it away from direct sunlight or other heat sources, especially while it is charging.

  1. Putting unnecessary pressure on your smartphone

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on your smartphone, especially while charging, by placing something on it.

  1. Charging your smartphone by plugging it into a power strip or extension cord

Using a power strip or extension cord increases the risk of a short circuit.

  1. Get your phone repaired at a local repair shop

Do not get your smartphone repaired at a local repair shop. Visit only Authorize company service center. Locker shops may not have the right type of equipment to repair a particular appliance and may cause circuit disturbances.

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