Don’t Take Lightly the Cervical Discomfort, Tips to Cure Cervical Pain

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Neck pain, neck stiffness, and difficulty in moving, are many times a common problem. Many people live long with this pain and ignore it, but this pain can prove to be dangerous. These are symptoms of neck pain (cervical pain). Cervical spine is a condition in the cervical pain due to problems in the joints and discs of the spinal cord of the neck.

According to Dr. KM Nadir of AIIMS, the bone of neck is one of the bones of the body which is most used. It handles the weight of the entire head. It is also to be remembered that the neck is weaker than the rest of the spine, so special care is also necessary.

Reason of increase in the cases of cervical pain

If not treated in time, the cervical pain is not only up to the neck, but also spreads to other parts of the body. The number of people complaining of neck pain is increasing rapidly nowadays due to the modern way of work culture. Today, people sit in front of the computer for hours, use mobiles for a long time, which causes this problem. Not only this, people use mobiles jammed between the ears and shoulders and they start talking, which is not the right way to use the neck for the body. People tend to keep their necks in an uncomfortable position for a long time. This causes severe pain and causes difficulty in daily work.

Recognize these symptoms of cervical pain

It is better to recognize the symptoms at the right time. Symptoms include neck pain, neck stiffness and difficulty in moving, tingling, numbness or weakness in the arms, legs and toes, pain in head and shoulders, body imbalance in walking. Difficulties include muscle cramps. If the cervicle pain is normal and minor, it can be cured by changing the lifestyle. But if the situation is more serious, see an orthopedic surgeon. CT scans, X-rays and MRIs can detect its problem & severity; and accordingly the treatment process begins. Physiotherapy is also done under the supervision of a specialist after the diagnosis of the problem.

Spinal tuberculosis is also a dangerous condition. Infections in the bones of the spine may occur due to bone fractures. More than one bone may be damaged due to spinal tuberculosis. Due to this, the spinal canal can also become narrower. This causes problems related to the nervous system. Timely treatment is necessary, otherwise the compression of nerves in the spinal cord can paralyze the lower part of the body.

Take these precautions if you want to avoid cervical

It is very important to always adopt measures to keep the neck healthy. From sitting, getting up, walking, working on the computer, the posture means that sitting should be correct. Do not slant on the mobile phone in the same position for a long time and even if you have to talk on the phone for a long time, do not keep it between the ear and shoulder. Instead of looking at the mobile screen by tilting the neck towards the front, try keeping it equal to the height of the eyes. It would be better not to use mobiles too much.

It is important to keep bones healthy. For this, take calcium and vitamin D. Pillow or cushion should be of correct size. Exercising regularly can avoid this situation.

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