“During the pandemic, in spite of a vast amount of talent various Musicians have struggled” says Singer Raveena Mehta

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Independent artists in India have garnered immense popularity and recognition over the last few years. The global supremacy of social media has led to providing them a huge platform to showcase their talents. Independent artists are perceived as individuals who work on their own terms and conditions. However, they have their share of struggles and hardships as well which goes unnoticed at times . Raveena Mehta, an emerging artist and singer India, sheds light on the difficulties independent artists face and how they get overlooked sometimes.

“Being an independent artist isn’t easy, it comes with its pitfalls. Garnering visibility while staying true to your art is an extremely important part of the journey as an independent artist. During the pandemic, it has been increasingly difficult for artists as there are much fewer performances. People have had to diversify and try out different methods. Despite the talent, various artists have faced hardship ” the 24 year old singer said.

Raveena explained that India and the world is filled with talent hence, it is imperative to continue working hard and make the most of the opportunities that come your way and most of all remaining consistent. She believes the hustle never stops and once you have grabbed the audience’, understanding what they want from you as an artist is a huge responsibility as well.

The singer stands by her hard work and dedication, and believes that one should fight all of these obstacles, especially in the last two years with Covid-19, in order to make their aspirations a reality. Consistency is key and if there are obstacles in your way it is important to diversify and learn different ways to reach your goals. “Everything is possible and with hard work, consistency and self-belief you can turn your dreams into reality, no matter the obstacles” she said.

Raveena also shared her excitement about her upcoming projects and said she will soon share the further details with her fans.

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