Earth Day: Why do we celebrate Earth Day and How its Started?

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Every year on April 22, the world is celebrated as ‘World Earth Day’ i.e. “Earth Day”. The main purpose behind celebrating it is to make people aware of the environment. So that they know that keeping the environment clean Is very important.

How earth day started.?
The day was first celebrated on 22 April 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson. He was an American living in the United States. In fact, in 1969 he was deeply saddened to see the misuse of oil in Santa Barbara, California. Then he resolved to save the environment. In such a situation, on April 22, a program was organized to celebrate Earth Day on his appeal. Let me tell you, at that time, about 20 million Americans took part in this program. The main objective of this event was to protect the environment from pollution. After that, this day began to be celebrated all over the world.

So it was chosen 22nd of April
Nelson felt the whole week of April 19 to 25 to be a celebration of it. Actually, during this time, there are spring holidays in school and college.

This is how the meaning of the name of the day
When this day was kept for the protection of the environment, it was called “Earth Day or Earth Day”. Julian König was the one to bring the word “Earth Day” or “Earth Day” among everyone. Then it was given this name in 1969 by Julian König. Also, the 22nd date was chosen to commemorate it because Julian was born on the 22nd. Also, “Earth Day” coinciding with “Birthday”, they named it Earth Day.

This is how to protect the Earth?
– Plant more and more plants
– Stop using plastic
– Avoid misuse of water
– Buy things that can be reused


Earth Day

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