Face Pack at Home for Boys: You should use this face pack for glowing skin.

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During lockdown, boys can take special care of their skin with home remedies. One such special face pack is being told here.

There is a lockdown across the country due to the corona virus infection, but it is also challenging for many boys. Because boys who always used to go to parlor and salon to be smart are closed these days. However, there is no need to disappoint the boys as we have come up with a special face pack recipe that can give them a stunning look to their skin.

This is a homemade face pack that can be easily made at home and the ingredients used to make it will also be present in your kitchen. It has beneficial skin properties which can enhance the face of boys.

Learn what is special about this face pack

For boys who want a smart and dashing look, this face pack can give quite positive results. This face pack is prepared with rice flour, tea leaf and honey. You will find all these three items in the kitchen or you can buy them from the grocery store that opens at the time of lockdown. Actually, rice flour has skin exfoliation properties, whereas honey has antioxidant properties. Both these properties are very beneficial for the skin. Using them especially for the face can give you a smart and dashing look, but you can get a parlor look right from home.

Material for Face Pack for Boys

1 teaspoon tea leaf

2 tablespoons rice flour

1 teaspoon honey

How to make Face Pack for Boys?

First boil the tea leaves in half a cup of water.

Sieve the tea leaf water in a cup.

Take rice flour in a bowl and add small amount of tea leaf water to it.

Add as much water so that it can be prepared as a paste.

Now mix honey in it and mix it well.

After the face pack is ready, apply it on the face.

Now wait for the face pack on the face to dry.

After that scrub the face with water while scrubbing it lightly.

Now clean the face with a clean and soft towel.

You can use this face pack once a week.

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