Follow These 5 Tips for Natural Glow on Face.

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Today we have brought your 5 tips for you, which will bring natural glow on your face.

Cleanser change

First of all, you must change the cleaner you are using. You should wash your face with gram flour. You can keep the gram flour box in the bathroom only. It will act like a natural cleaner.

Choice of non-oily moisturizer

Now if you have washed your face with a natural cleanser, then you must first clean the face with rose water. Now you can make aloe vera gel your moisturizer. It will also keep your face fresh and help in bringing natural glow.

Facemask is required

Multani clay or neem face pack cannot make a good face mask. It is better to go back to the parlor and bring back your natural glow with this natural face mask.

Never skip primer

If you do make-up then first of all use primer. It does not allow oil to accumulate on your skin.

Clean face with blotting paper

You should carry a handy blotting paper in your bag. As soon as you feel that your face looks oily then you can clean your face with blotting paper at the same time.


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