Foods You Should Never Store In the Fridge

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No matter how hot it is, these fruits and vegetables should not be kept in the fridge

It is also difficult to imagine a home without a fridge during the summer season. Because we look at the fridge in our house for everything from getting relief from the scorching sun to quenching thirst. Today let’s talk about fruits and vegetables that should not be kept in the refrigerator. Then no matter how hot it is.

Do not keep raw Onions in the fridge

Onion not to be stored in fridge

– To store interest, room temperature is best for this. There should not be direct sunlight on it. When stored in the fridge, the life of the onion decreases. Because onion itself is very moisturized and it quickly melts in the coolness of the fridge.

-If you have to store peeled and raw onions, then for this place the onion in an air tight container and keep it in the fridge inside the vegetable box.

Do not keep raw Potatoes in the fridge

Potato not to be stored

-Potatoes are the king of vegetables and can also be stored comfortably in a cool and shady place for a long time. As it is rich in starch, potato kept in shady and dim natural light is good for a long time.

-But if you store raw potatoes in the refrigerator, the starch inside them chemically breaks down in very cold temperatures of the refrigerator. This changes the taste of this starch and then potatoes do not taste good.

Melons do not keep in the fridge

Melons not to be stored in fridge

The first problem when keeping the melon in the fridge is that with it and all the things that are kept in the fridge, the melon smelts settle in all of them. Also, the effect of its antioxidants is reduced. In such a situation, the body does not get the full benefit of eating it.

Second, the natural test of melons disappears after being kept in the fridge for more days. There is no natural and fresh aroma in it. Therefore, weeds should be soaked in water for some time at room temperature.

Do not store Garlic in fridge 

Garilc Not to be stored in fridge

If you have to store raw garlic for a long time, then never store it in the fridge. Rather, do a story in a place where there is no moisture at all and even light natural light is coming.

– Keeping garlic in the fridge makes its test worse. Also, its own smell begins to appear in other things kept in the fridge. That is, if you drink milk kept with garlic in the fridge, then you will feel the smell of garlic from the milk too.

Don’t keep Bananas in the fridge

Banana not to be stored in Fridge

– Bananas should also never be kept in the fridge. Because the top of the banana is very soft and full of moisture. This is enough to keep the banana safe. If you keep the banana in the fridge, its skin will melt and then it does not taste as fresh.

Avoid keeping Apples in the fridge

Apples not to be stored in Fridge

You will be surprised to know that if the apples are kept at room temperature and properly, then they can be stored for about two weeks.

– Keeping in the fridge reduces the taste of apple and its crispness. If you want to make a natural test of apples, then clean them and keep them in the fruit bucket on your dining table and not in the fridge.

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