Friendship Day 2022: Why Friends are So Important in Life?

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Every year the August’s First Sunday is Celebrated as friendship day in India. On this day, we honor the bonds of friendship. Let us know why it is important to have friends in life.

Friends are very important in everyone’s life. That’s why it is said that having friends is very important in life. In fact, a true friend supports in every situation without any selfishness. We can also say that after family, only a friend can understand us better. Friends work and support as a support in life.


A true friend acts as a support in everyone’s life. Whether the situation is of happiness or sorrow, friends support in every situation. Not only this, living with friends gives happiness from within. Also, the tension is reduced, we feel happy with them.

Helpful in reducing stress

Often we share our thoughts with close friends. This eases the mind. Also, you can tell your story to a friend without any hesitation. In such a situation, sharing things with them reduces your stress. Also, it helps in solving the problem.

Bring peace of mind

Often people look for the support of friends when they are in trouble. In fact, being with them helps to resolve problems quickly. Also, the stress goes away. It is said that when no one is near, only a friend supports.

Learning new things

It is said that the more people we meet in life, the more we will get a chance to learn. This increases the talent in us. Also, information about different things and places is available. We can also say that the more friends, the more knowledge. Apart from this, there is no fear or hesitation in learning anything from friends. On the contrary, learning from them increases confidence along with getting information.

Handy all the time

A true friend always supports you when there is any problem in life. Be it mental peace or financial problem, friends always believe in extending a helping hand. In such a situation, tension remains away from being in their life.

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