G-11 Summit Will Replace G-7: Trump Invited India, Russia, Australia and South Korea

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The action taken by US President Donald Trump against China is likely to affect the whole world. Donald Trump has now decided to eliminate G-7, the most powerful 7-nation organization in the world, to form a G-11 group in its place.

Trump has invited India, Russia, Australia and South Korea to join this new group. India, which is battling a border dispute with China, will have to decide whether to attend this meeting convened in September 2020. According to the news agency New York Times, in this meeting, all countries will unite and take important decisions on future relations with China.

Make you know that earlier it was reported that US President Trump once again supported India. President Donald Trump had just said to postpone the G7 Summit to be held in the city of Camp David, USA. Donald Trump told the media that he is currently postponing the G7 summit to be held next month.

According to Donald Trump, this G7 group is now older than the recent times. Trump further stated that he wants to include India, Australia, South Korea and Russia in the G7 Summit. According to foreign media, by the next session, by including these countries in the G7, there was every possibility of the Group of Seven to be group 10 or 11, which has been proved to be G11 today.

According to foreign media, the inclusion of India and other countries in the G7 will help in taking a united decision against China. Let us inform you that Russia was included in the group of seven in the year 1997, but after snatching Crimea from Ukraine, in 2014, all the countries came together and got Russia out of the G7. Now Russia is being included once again. The 46th summit to be held in June in Camp David, USA, was decided to be postponed by September by President Trump.

Be aware that the G7 group includes America, Britain, Japan, Canada, Italy, France and Germany, which itself are seen in economically rich countries. With the arrival of India in the G7, India’s international strength and dominance will increase and its claim to a permanent seat in the Security Council will be further strengthened.

Earlier, US President Trump has also expressed his intention to increase the list of countries included in the G-7. India is also joining their new list. Donald Trump had said that he wanted to include countries like India and Russia. Trump said that I do not think the G7 is doing the right thing on what is going on in the world, it has become a very old group of countries. He said that he wanted to include countries like Russia, South Korea, Australia and India for this. From this, we can take the right decision in future.

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