Gandhi Jayanti: Learn these 5 things from Gandhiji’s life

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2nd October is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who is honored as the Father of the Nation of India. This day of Mahatma Gandhi walking on the path of truth and non-violence is also celebrated and known as International Non-Violence Day along with Gandhi Jayanti all over the world. Gandhiji had given a message to everyone, saying, “My life is my message”. So let us tell you about some special things related to the life of Bapu Gandhi on this day, which will make you a successful and motivated person.

Believe in yourself

To achieve any goal in your life, first of all, you should be confident that you can do anything. With this belief, you can overcome every crisis of life with ease and laughter. If you think that you will not do this work, then it will reduce your confidence. In contrast to this, having faith in yourself will easily overcome every difficult phase of life.

Do not be afraid of interruptions

Gandhiji had said, ‘Everyone in life will first condemn you, laugh and if you stick to your goal, then victory will be yours. Together he had said that it was not easy to fight the freedom struggle from such a big country like India. Also, it was a very difficult task to walk the path of non-violence without physically hurting anyone. But anything can be achieved with true dedication.

Learn to forgive

According to Gandhi ji, ‘Never a weak person can forgive someone’s mistake. Actually, forgiving someone and forgetting their mistakes is a sign of strong people ‘. If Gandhiji is talked about, he was sent to jail, conspiracies were made to kill him for misbehaving. But even then, he had forgiven anyone for not keeping any discrimination in his mind.

Character strength

Gandhiji had said, ‘In the world, sins are divided into 7 parts. To accumulate wealth without hard work, to achieve happiness without conscience, knowledge without good character, money without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice and sacrifice, and doing politics without principles’ And to strengthen the character, it is better to stay away from these seven demerits.

Learning from mistakes

According to Gandhi ji, ‘Accepting and learning from your mistakes is like a broom. The way the cleaning cleans all the dirt in the room and it shines straight away. ‘ In the same way, I also make myself stronger by accepting my mistakes.

In such a situation, by adopting these things in his life, we too can become a better person and reach the pinnacle of success.

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