Google Wishes the Holiday Season with Animated Doodles

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Google celebrates festivals with the help of Doodle. Again, Google is celebrating Christmas Holiday with the help of Doodle. Google has started the holiday session before Christmas pre-Eve. Google has made Happy Holidays 2019 with Doodle. Under the search engine, it shows Santa’s on his way! Has shared a link to follow Santa’s journey.

This is how Google doodle is

Season Google Doodle

Google has prepared a globe in place of ‘O’ in the Google Doodle of Happy Holidays 2019. The globe’s animation is rotating continuously. It also has a walking ride of Santa Claus with a Christmas tree inside. It is also snowing inside the globe. Google also made doodles for the shortest day of the year i.e. 22 December.

What is the holiday season?

In the US, the holiday season is celebrated from Thanksgiving to New Year. It is also called the Christmas season. It includes festivals such as Christmas, Hanuka, and Kwanzaa celebrating all parts of the world along with America and Europe. The holiday season runs from late November to the first week of January.

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