Government Warning: Do Not Make these Mistake While Making Online Payment

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The government has released a list of warning to avoid fraud during online banking. It explains what customers should take care of.

Most people in the Corona period are present in their homes. At this time our dependence on online platforms has increased. Fraudsters are taking advantage of this by making common users their victims. Keeping this in mind, the government has released a list of warning. In this list, it has been told that the customers should keep in mind while using online banking, so that they do not get lime.

Do not make this mistake while making payment via Online Banking

– Do not share your account password with anyone. Do not open any unknown links or attachments.

– Do not skip login after using online banking. Always logout.

– Do not use your personal USB or hard disk in any other laptop or computer.

– Never disclose information like your date of birth, address, phone number on social media. It can be used for online fraud.


Keep these things in mind – Always keep your account password in a way that is a bit complicated and no one can guess it quickly. Keep changing it from time to time.

– Read the privacy settings carefully while using any app or website.

– Keep in mind that only the official people have access to your personal system.

– If you ever suspect an account hacking, immediately report it to the support team.

– Keep updating your system periodically and use good antivirus.

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