Hair Growth Tips: Get Long Hair in No Time with these Tips

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The mind becomes depressed when the length of your hair is short. In such a way, various home remedies are tried to increase the length of the hair so fast. But the result is nothing special. If you are going to get married too and you want to grow your hair, then we will help you. Learn here tips that can help you grow hair in no time.

Apply egg to hair

Egg is very useful for hair. Egg contains essential nutrients like protein, iron, sulfur fat which increases hair growth. Add a little olive oil to the egg white and prepare this mixture and massage it once a week with light hands. After that wash the hair with a mild shampoo, hair loss will stop and their growth will also be good.

Make your hair thick by Gooseberry

If you are fond of thick dark hair then apply Amla and Ritha powder. Applying Indian gooseberry juice to the hair once a week makes hair grow faster. Amla food is also very useful for skin and hair.

Lemon and Yogurt

Prepare a paste by squeezing two lemons in the curd. Apply this paste on the hair roots and massage for 15 minutes. Let the paste remain in the hair for one to one and a half hours and after that wash the hair with lukewarm water. This will remove the dryness of the hair as well as increase hair growth.

Avoid washing hair daily

Hair should never be washed daily; otherwise it removes its natural oil. This causes hair to become dry and weak and break. Because the shampoo that we use regularly, they are very heavy due to which moisture gets removed from the hair and hair growth stops.

Save hair from hair dryer

Extreme heat from the hair dryer can inhibit hair growth. But most use hair dryer for hair styling. By using this, the roots of the hair become weak due to which the hair breaks easily. Protect hair from excessive styling products and heat.

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