Health Benefits of Rose that will Surprise You

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Various skin-related diseases can be overcome by the use of red rose petals. While rose petals bring coolness to the skin, gulakanda made from it can also help in relieving problems related to digestion. Even in diseases like burning sensation in the chest, nausea, burning sensation in the throat, the juice of rose petals acts like nectar.

Benefits of Rose

– In the condition of ringworms on the body, applying rose to extract mixed with lemon juice cures ringworms.

– Mixing 1 cup of orange juice, 1/4 lime water in rose water and taking this mixture twice a day can relieve problems like nausea, throat irritation, and chest irritation.

– Those who are complaining of bad digestion, eat Gulkand after eating food; It will cure the digestion system.

– To get relief from ear pain, put few drops of juice of rose leaves will provide relief soon.

– Make tablets by mixing rose flowers, cloves, sugar, and drops of rose water. This will be helpful in curing mouth bad odor.

– If there is a burning sensation and restlessness in the body, mix sandalwood in rose water and apply it to the affected area soon.

– In the summer season, mixing rose extracts with sandal oil and massaging it provides relief in skin problems.

– If you have a headache, apply camphor and rose water in white sandalwood and apply it on the forehead.

– In case of excessive heat or heat allergy, grind 10 grams of rose petals, 5 cardamom and black pepper, 10 grams of sugar candy, and grind all these things with water and drink every 4 hours gap. You will get rest soon.

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