Healthy Liver Tips: How to Detox Liver Naturally?

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Liver is an important part of our digestive system, which can be called the head of the family of digestive system. That is, ‘head of the family’. This is why we are saying that if the liver is working properly in your stomach, then the liver deals with other digestive problems on its own. We do not even know about small problems that anything has happened

Healthy Liver Tips: These 6 drinks brighten by washing the liver. One thing is very clear that if the stomach is to be flaky, then the liver has to be healthy. Because the ‘head of the family’ is strong then the whole family works properly and grows on the path of progress. Therefore, with the liver being fine, you will not have indigestion problem nor will you suffer constipation. Let’s talk about those 7 healthy foods here, which cleanse the naturally.

Vegetable juice

– During summer, tomato, bitter gourd, gourd juice and raw mango panna must be drunk. All these drinks clean the liver properly. It also works to make the liver strong. Because seasonal vegetables nourish the body according to the need of the season.

Fruit juice

-We all know that fruits are beneficial for our body. But have you ever noticed that fruits also serve to relieve us from constipation! That is a solid source of cleaning of the intestines.

– By drinking fruit juice, the good washing of our liver and kidneys is done. Fruit juice works by cleaning out the non-essential toxic from our digestive system. Therefore, in summer, juices like papaya, banana, mango, apple and pineapple must be drunk.


-Chach or Buttermilk is a digestible beverage. That is, it is very helpful in digesting our food. Fresh and sour buttermilk buttermilk can be taken with food or anytime after meals. Buttermilk acts as a tonic in cleaning the liver, intestines and kidneys.


– During the hot season, fresh and clean water should be drunk without thirst. Make a rule that you drink half a glass of water every half an hour. There will not be any lack of water in the body as well as liver and kidney cleaning will also be done.


Curd must be eaten once a day during the hot season. Try to consume curd in lunch. It also provides complete nutrition of curd and digestion is also right. Yogurt acts as a lubricant for the internal organs of our body. Which is helpful in healing and cleansing.

Black tea

Black milk tea is more beneficial than tea made from milk.

-Black-T is rich in antioxidants. If black pepper, ginger, green and black cardamom are mixed in it, then it also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Black tea should be consumed once a day. It works to keep our organs healthy.

Keep in mind that tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning and after 8 in the night. Have cookies or biscuits with morning tea. So that there is no acidity in the stomach. Also, drinking tea after 8 o’clock at night causes sleep disturbance. So, avoid doing this.

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