Horoscope 2020: This Year Many Stars Will Change Their Fate

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2020 brings together many events. Changes in planetary positions are going to be a special contribution. This year, after 30 years, Shani Maharaj is going to return to his zodiac sign Capricorn. The Guru will also transmit his zodiac sign in Sagittarius for a long time this year. Rahu Ketu will change zodiac in the last quarter of the year. The lives of people of all zodiac signs will be affected by these planetary positions. Some people will smile with the auspicious effects of planets and some people will face difficult situations. See what 2020 has brought for you, Pandit Rakesh Jha is telling.

Aries: Cooperation with colleagues and seniors

Aeries 2020

2020 is bringing auspicious results for the people of Aries. This year is going to be better for them than in many previous years. This year Saturn’s transit is going to be in 10th position from your zodiac sign. Saturn’s transit in Karma will provide auspicious results in the field. There will be a lot of hard work in the job business, which will also get appropriate benefits. I will receive cooperation and respect from colleagues and officers. Between June 30 and November 19, you will have to spend money on auspicious tasks due to the auspicious sight of Guru on Aries sign. You will be interested in religion. Between February and September and November, you will have to face health-related problems due to the adverse effects of Rashi Swami Mars. During this, take special care of your health.

Remedy: Fast on Tuesday and recite Sunderkand or Hanuman Chalisa. It will be auspicious to apply Hanumanji on Saturday and Tuesday, mixing vermilion and jasmine oil.

Taurus: You will be free from bed

Taurus 2020

From January 24 this year, Saturn’s communication is going to be in 9th position from your zodiac sign. This zodiac sign of Saturn will be auspicious for you in many cases. First of all, you will be free from the bed. With the arrival of Shani in the second destiny place, your interest in religion and karma will increase. Old friends and old friends will come close to you again. Religious trips can also be done this year. In case of health, you have to pay attention because the communication of the Guru will be in the 8th position from your zodiac for a long time. Time is favorable for progress in job business. Efforts made in economic sectors will also be successful this year. Rahu in your zodiac sign after September 23 will cause some upheaval in life, the work being done can be spoiled. The month of February will be great for you due to the auspicious effects of Rashi Swami.

Remedy: Offer Kheer to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday. Girl food should be done from time to time. Keep a silver bullet or coin in the wallet.

Gemini: Avoid risk in health

Gemini 2020

2020 can be very volatile for you. You may have to run a lot this year. Shani is coming to the eighth house from the zodiac at the beginning of this year and is planting you. The Guru is also roaming in the eighth house from your zodiac for quite some time this year. In such a situation, you have to avoid risk in terms of health. People affected by diabetes will have to exercise moderation. Be alert during the journey, there is a possibility of an accident. The time after June will be auspicious for you to some extent. During this time, the situation in the job and business will improve. Rahu’s zodiac sign after 23 September will reduce mental complications and expenditure. This time will be best for you throughout the year due to the sign of the zodiac lord Mercury between the last week of May and August. Attempts to change jobs will also be successful during this period. Will get financial benefits.

Remedy: Fast on Saturday and recite Shani Stotra. Donate sesame seeds.

Cancer zodiac: A change in job will be successful

Cancer 2020

For Cancerians, the year 2020 will be mixed. This year Saturn’s communication will be in the seventh house from your zodiac after 24 January. While the communication of the Guru is going to be in the sixth and seventh house from your zodiac sign this year. This year, a change of job attempt will be successful. Health will be generally favorable. Minor troubles in family life may cause two to four. Guru’s communication from April to June is going to be auspicious for you. We will make progress in the economic field in this period. You will also get the benefit of the position.

Remedy: Show regular lamp to Shami tree. Help the needy. Read Shani Stotra on Saturday.

Leo: Progress in economic matters

Leo 2020

For you, the year 2020 is going to be better than the previous years. At the beginning of this year, Saturn’s communication will be in the sixth house from your zodiac sign, which is auspicious for you. The communication of the auspicious planet Guru will be the fifth-place from your zodiac, from where the guru’s ninth vision will remain on your zodiac. September will be the best time for you with the auspicious vision of Guru. There will be progress in economic matters. There will be a favorable change in the field. Luck will be fully supported and opponents will be defeated. Rahu Ketu’s zodiac changes after September 23 will increase your anxiety, there will be some confusion in family life. However, the month of October will be beneficial in terms of business and wealth.

Remedy: Give water to the rising sun, read Aditya Hridaya Stotra.

Virgo: Year will be favorable for students

Virgo 2020

2020 is bringing a message of relief for Virgo. This year the people of Virgo will be free from the inauspicious effects of Kantak Shani. Normally, you will be healthy throughout the year and there will be a synergy between family life. Relationships with relatives will be better. The year will be prosperous for students, there will be interest in reading and writing. Efforts made in the job business will be successful. Due to not having a favorable position of Guru between April and June, this time will be a struggle.

Remedy: You should observe Thursday fast throughout this year. Worship Lord Vishnu and recite Vishnu Sahasranama. It will be auspicious to feed green fodder to the cow on Wednesday.

Libra: More labor in job business

Libra 2020

This year will be fluctuating for Venus Libra. At the end of January, Saturn is transiting from your zodiac to the fourth position and making a bed. You have to be more careful in terms of health. Family life may face confusion and stress. Rahu’s change after September will bother you more in this matter. The job business will have to be more diligent and part of the race. The communication of the Guru in the fourth position from the zodiac between April and June will give some relief. This year will have to be managed in financial matters. Keep expenses down. Keep control of anger and speech, otherwise, relationships will be affected.

Remedy: Serve the elders. Read Shani Stotra and worship Peepal and Shami on Saturday.

Scorpio: The end of the year will be full of ups and downs

Scorpio 2020

It is a relief for them that they are getting rid of the seven and a half Saturn of Scorpio zodiac sign in 2020, but Ketu is communicating with your zodiac sign in September. During this zodiac Swami Mangal is also getting retrograde, so the end of the year will be full of ups and downs. Mental trouble will increase and there will be a possibility of an accident. However, keeping the position of the stars favorable till September will make your stalled work. There will be harmony and cooperation in family life. Position prestige and wealth gains in job business will increase. This year money will be spent on Manglik works. The time between May to June is the best time to expand the field.

Remedy: Apply Hanumanji with vermilion in jasmine oil. Offer Bundi Prasad on Tuesday. Read Sundarkand.

Sagittarius: will be under the influence of the third phase of the half-century

Sagittarius 2020

For the Sagittarius sign, 2020 will be sweet and sour experiences. This year you will be under the influence of the third phase of the half-year-old, but it is a matter of relief that the Rashi Swami Guru will be located in your zodiac for a long time so that you can easily face the challenges coming. You will have to work hard, but you will also get the benefit from it, from time to time there will be a feeling of happiness. Your interest in religion and spirituality will increase, you can do the pilgrimage. Between April and June, there will be some more instability in life during conjunctions in Capricorn and Saturn in Capricorn. There will be tension in job-business too.

Remedy: Donate lamp in Shani temple on Saturday. Donate black blankets to the needy. Mix milk in water and irrigate the root of pipal.

Capricorn: Expenditure will increase more than income

Capricorn 2020

The year 2020 is not very beneficial for Capricorns compared to the previous year. This year people of this zodiac will be under the influence of the second phase of Sadesati. Saturn will sit in your zodiac sign while the communication of the guru will be in the 12th position from the zodiac at most times of the year. Rahu Ketu’s change at the end of the year is also not positive. In this state of planets, hard work will yield economic benefits. Expenditure will increase instead of income. May have to travel due to work and family matters. Health has to be taken care of. The influence of opponents will increase but some will not be able to harm them. In April to June and then in the last quarter of the year, you will have to control your speech and behavior, otherwise, differences may occur with your loved ones.

Remedy: Keep restraint on lies and anger throughout the year. Read Shani Stotra. On Saturday, avoid alcohol consumption and non-vegetarian food. Chanting mantras of Shani will be beneficial.

Aquarius: Job, avoid risk in business

Aquarius 2020

In 2020, the lord of Aquarius will be in the 12th position from Saturn, which will influence you in the first phase of the half-century. This year, you have to avoid taking risks in jobs, business and other areas of life. Health will fluctuate this year. There is also a possibility of an accident, so do not risk. Guru’s communication will be in the 11th and 12th positions from your zodiac sign so that despite all the difficulties, the financial situation will remain normal. Spending will increase, so work should be done keeping in mind the budget. Luck is getting less with this whole year, so hard work will have to be done.

Remedy: Do not let despair dominate you. Keep food in moderation. On Saturday, donate some money to the needy and scavengers. Hanuman Chalisa and Sundarkand should be recited.

Pisces: Job will progress in business

Pisces 2020

2020 is going to be a pleasant stay for Pisces people. This year the position of Saturn, Guru and Rahu Ketu is not adverse for you. In these situations, luck will be supported. Will progress in the job business. Money related problems will also make this year less annoying. The expenditure will be balanced and on essential tasks. You will usually be healthy if you keep your food and lifestyle balanced. Will be able to get support and benefits from friends and relatives. Family life will have to be balanced between February and March, keep in mind that there should be no differences.

Remedy: Worship Lord Krishna. Ghee lamp should be lit on Thursday. Chanting the mantras of Rashi Swami Guru will be beneficial for you. Do saffron or yellow sandalwood tilak

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