How and When to Apply Hair Oil- All you Need to Know about Oil Massage for Hair

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Applying oil into the hair is not enough, to get long, thick hair, you must know when and how to apply oil into the hairs. Also, you should also know which oil is better for your hair. In this blog, we tell you the right way to apply oil in your hair for more benefits.

1) Before applying oil into the hair, heat the oil lightly. Lukewarm oil helps to stimulate hair follicles, so always apply lukewarm oil to the hair.

2) Many people pour oil into the hair, this is not the right way to apply oil to the hair. You take lukewarm oil in a bowl. Then immerse your fingers in oil and apply oil to the parting hair. Apply oil all over the hair along with the roots of the hair.


3) Apply as much oil as needed. Applying more oil will not give you extra benefit; instead of washing your hair will cost more.

4) Massage is very important while applying oil to the hair, so massage the scalp for 10-15 minutes while applying oil to the hair. Massaging will improve blood circulation and nourish your hair.

5) Allow the oil to be applied overnight in the hair for good results. You will get the full benefit of oil from it. If you cannot keep oil in your hair overnight, then at least two hours keep oil in your hair.

6) After applying oil, steam the hair, this helps the hair to absorb oil. To steam the hair, soak the towel in warm water and leave it on the hair for 10 minutes. While doing this, keep in mind that the towel should not be too hot, because too much heat can damage the hair.

7) Wash hair with shampoo after steaming. Choose shampoo according to your hair i.e. if your hair is oily, then buy oily hair-friendly shampoo, similarly choose a dry shampoo for dry hair.

8) Do not forget to apply conditioner to keep the hair soft and shining.

9) Never comb wet hair, it may break hair. Comb only after the hair has dried.


10) To get black-thick-soft hair, not only hair oiling, massage, shampoo, conditioner, etc is important. In fact, a nutritious diet and adequate sleep are also very important for healthy hair. So take a healthy diet and get a full sleep. By doing this, your hair and skin will look both beautiful and healthy.

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