How to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation? Adopt these Home Remedies.

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Nowadays the early fall of semen i.e. sperm has become a common problem in the youth. The main reason for this is this is porn addiction, a disturbed lifestyle, and stress. This sex disease does not belong to a woman, it occurs only in man. There is no definite criterion for premature ejaculation. It depends on the mental and physical condition of each person.

By adopting these solutions deeply, the early release of semen can be controlled by showing the strength of a strong mind. Sometimes due to some kind of brain tension and brain injury, the problem of premature Ejaculation also arises. There should be no panic at all from these things; Premature ejaculation is a problem that has affected most men at some time or the other in their lives. However, a bigger problem than this is the silence of such men and suffocation inside. According to a survey, one in three people suffers from premature ejaculation. If you are also one of them, then read this blog carefully.

Many times a woman by her behavior makes her man feel the weakness caused by this disease, provokes him and keeps making fun of him. Because of this, the situation becomes worse rather than correct. When such a situation arises, a woman should pursue her man with full enthusiasm.

If you are also struggling with this problem, then we have brought some solutions for you, which can relieve the problem of premature ejaculation. Yes, here we are telling you some similar methods which can emerge as a solution to your problem like premature ejaculation.

Main Reasons for Sexual Weakness                              

  • Junk Food Habits
  • Not eating on time in a proper amount
  • Lack of vitamins,
  • Weak digestion system.
  • Continuous stomach upset.
  • Constipation for a long time.
  • Lack of blood and appetite
  • Hormones greatly affected
  • Making less quantity of semen in our body,
  • Penis veins shrink
  • Increased dryness in the brain
  • Always worry, stay tense

Acacia (Babul)

A dry equal amount of acacia leaf, bark, fruit, gum, and flower and then grind it. Now filter it with a cloth and fill it in a vial.

Method of intake

Take one spoon of this powder made of acacia with water in the morning and evening. Do this remedy for two months. With this remedy, the quick dropping of semen stops.

Firewood (Mulathi)

Ashwagandha 100 grams,  Mulahti 50 grams, and Asparagus 200 grams. Mix all these and make the powder by grinding. And after filtering with a clean cloth, fill it in the glass vial.

Method of intake

This powder made from licorice should be consumed daily with half a teaspoon of sweet milk. This remedy cures premature ejaculation.


Combine 50 grams of ashwagandha, 50 grams of cobra saffron and carom seeds and grind it. Now filter it with a clean cloth and keep it in a glass bottle.

Method of intake

Mix half a teaspoon of this powder in light warm milk and consume it in the morning. By doing this remedy daily, semen does not shed quickly.

Parsley (Ajwain)

Mix half a teaspoon ground parsley and one teaspoon ground fine sugar candy and drink it with lukewarm milk in the morning and evening. This recipe also fixes the problem of the fasting of semen.

Ground coriander

Mix an equal quantity of 100 grams ground coriander and 100 grams ground sugar and fill this powder in a glass bottle or bottle.

Method of intake

In the morning, take this powder on an empty stomach with one spoon of Matha. And take it in the night with buttermilk. By this surefire remedy, semen does not fall quickly.

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