How important is English in Our Life?

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English is very important in our lives. Today people who do not know English language find themselves backward. English is the third most spoken language in the world, while Mandarin (the language of China) and Spanish are the most spoken in the world. English is spoken in 67 countries.

The importance of English has increased greatly in our country. English medium schools have opened everywhere. Every parent wants their child to speak the English language. Nowadays most of the computer related things are in English. English is also used extensively on social media.

The importance of English is also very much to get a job. 20% of the world population uses the English language. English is a language that connects us to the world.

English speaking people in the country are considered superior. Nowadays there is a flood of English speaking institutions. English speaking courses are being conducted in every small town. All parents dream that their children speak fluent English.

Importance of English language in education

The English language has special significance in the field of education. All higher education courses such as Engineering, Medical, MBA, IIT, Chartered Accountant, LLB, Advocacy, Computer Education and Information Technology are in the English language. Books are also in English language. Therefore, reading English has become more important for students.

The importance of English language increases because it is also a computer language. Computer software, coding, graphic designing and social media everything is in English. Therefore, its importance increases even more. Nowadays social media has spread all over the world. Everybody uses social media. They are forced to learn English.

English language required to communicate

English is a language that is spoken around the world. People who know English can go anywhere and communicate comfortably. The practice of English in India started after the arrival of the British. English Medium School started opening here. Education which was earlier given in Hindi is now being given in English.

Importance of English language for students

English is no less than a boon for students because nowadays all the exams are conducted in English language. Apart from this, many students of India go abroad and get education. In such a situation, the importance of English increases a lot. Because education is taught in English language abroad.

Importance of English language in the world

This Language has a big advantage that you can easily talk to other people abroad. Indian people mostly use Hindi language but nowadays many Indians go abroad for jobs. In countries like America, Britain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indians are in large population. They all speak to the people there in the English language.

This way English is a very important language. It is also called “Global Language”. People who know English can come anywhere in the world. English is also recognized in five languages ​​in the United Nations.

Importance of English language in India

10% of the population in India speaks English language. The importance of English in the country is increasing every day. In most companies, those people are given jobs which are fluent in English. In India, Hindi is considered as the national language, but works in the High Court and the Supreme Court are conducted in English language.

In India, the local language is spoken in Southern states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Kolkata. So, the importance of English increases. People who know English can go any of these states and communicate easily with people. Those who do not know English face a big problem in these state.

Very few people know Hindi in states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. They only know the local language or English language. In such a situation, the importance of English increases. English has become so important in the country that parents can cut their lifestyle but send children to English Medium School to study.

Importance of English language for business

This is very important in terms of doing business. Most of the trade is done in the English language. Since the beginning of the era of computers and the Internet, the importance of English has increased. Because most of the business is going online. Biscuit, soap, cream, powder, books, medicines,etc; Everything has been started selling online.

In such a situation, people who know English can go online and buy any item. English is very important for traders because their product (goods) has to be sold on the Internet. In such a situation, it has become necessary for them to know the English language. GST and other tax written studies are also in English.

Along with this, English is used extensively in banks. People also fill out forms in English to withdraw and deposit money. After the digital revolution in the country, money is transacted through mobile phones and computers, in which the English language is used. Therefore today the importance of English language has increased a lot.

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