How not to get old and fat by fasting for just 3 days?

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Being hungry throughout the day in Navratri, and breaking down on fried food in the evening … can harm the body. If you want to improve health through fast, then you should know about 3 Days fasting…

Chaitra Navratra has started from 25 March. In this period of nine days, all Hindus of India fast or fast in their own way. But today we are going to tell you about 3 days of fasting here, which can help in removing toxins from the body and making the brain sharp…</p.


Why fast for just three days?

Actually, when we tolerate hunger and do not eat anything, in such a situation our digestive system starts using glucose stored in the body as fuel. The energy prepared from it keeps all the functions of the body. Normally, the body takes 24 to 48 hours to use the glucose stored in our body. After that, the fat deposited in the body starts burning and ketone bodies start forming.


Required for WBC count

Also, white blood cells (WBC) or white blood cells, which are flowing with blood in the body, also take 24 to 48 hours to completely disappear. When the damage cells are completely destroyed, then the process of producing new and energetic cells in the body is accelerated. However, 3 days fasting is required only twice a year to boost the immune system.


Immune affects sales

According to a study done by the University of California, fasting for 3 consecutive days by a person increases the immunity of that person. Because our body tries to save energy during fasting. During this period, immune cells are recycled due to changes in the body. This especially affects the immune cells which are damaged.


This is how the brain benefits

Our body uses previously preserved (stored) glucose during long-term fasting. After this, the fat deposited in the body starts to break down and ketone bodies (a type of energy) start forming. This energy is considered very well for our brain. Actually, ketone bodies increase the number of mitochondria (also called energy factories) in our brain.


Energy production in the brain

According to a recent study, ketone bodies increase energy metabolism in our hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of our brain that plays an important role in maintaining our memory and learning new things. One common thing that is seen in most people undergoing neurological disease is that the energy production in their brain is low or the process is too slow.


The speed of aging decreases

Ketone bodies increase the antioxidation in our body. That is, slowing down the process of continuous oxidation in the body. The process of oxidation damages the structure of proteins and cell members in our body. In fact, the process of increased oxidation in the body works rapidly pushing us towards old age. Also, brain stroke accelerates the process of Nero-de-generation.


This is how immunity increases

During the three-day fasting, the new WBC count increases rapidly in the body. White blood cells are those parts of our immune system that work to kill harmful viruses and bacteria from outside the body. During fasting, our body is able to easily flush out the damaged WBC. Because during this time our body wants to save energy, in this way it removes the non-useful cells and toxins.


These people should not try such fasting

Those who are undergoing diabetes, BP, asthma or any other chronic disease should not think of such fasting at all. Also, people who are taking any kind of medical treatment or have recently recovered from a long illness, such people should not observe such fast without the advice of their doctor. Because during this complete fasting, the fast consumes only and only water.


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