How Skin Fasting Can Make Your Skin Glow?

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Everyone must have heard Fasting’s name. Some people do fast 1 or 2 days a week. Most of the people behind fasting are religious, but nowadays some people like fasting to avoid diseases. From the point of view of science, cancer cells in the body start dying on their own for 1 day in a week or by consuming a fruit diet. Similarly, skin-fasting technology has been introduced in India to keep your skin healthy along with health. Let’s know about skin fasting.

When we fast, our stomach feels relieved for a full day. Every time millions of cells are formed and deteriorate in our body. Similarly, there are not one but 3-4 layers on our skin. These layers also form and deteriorate daily. Nowadays, most girls and women like to do makeup. Makeup is very important for working women. But somewhere due to our professional life, we sit with our skin compromised. Because of which we start getting old before the age.

What is skin fasting?

This beauty technique from Japan is also being followed in India at this time. Social media has played a role in making it famous. Understand in simple terms, fasting means being hungry and skin fasting means to keep your skin hungry i.e. not using any kind of beauty products on your face for at least 1 or 2 weeks.

Benefits of Skin Fasting

  • Skin breathes

The first benefit of skin fasting is that your skin breathes freely. Small pores are present on our skin, which are closed every day due to makeup. In this case, skin fasting once a week gives the skin a chance to breathe freely.

  • Acne-free skin

Due to prolonged closure of the pore, pimples begin on the face. But when you do not apply makeup on the face once a week, then it becomes easier to breathe through the pores. Due to which you do not have acne or acne problem on your face.

  • Natural shine

You must have felt that a few years ago your skin used to glow naturally. But using natural products containing chemicals, that natural shine is lost somewhere. But once a week, your lost glow starts to be restored due to skin fasting.

Some people fear that their skin damage can occur if they leave home without applying makeup or sunscreen lotion for a single day. But there is nothing like that, if you still have some kind of confusion in your heart, then you apply Aloe Vera gel on your face and get out of the house. By doing this you will not face any skin problem.

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